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How Hong Kong businesses can prepare for reopening

By Localiiz Branded | 29 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Amina Filkins (via Pexels)

With restrictions due to ease, many are already anticipating a return to their favourite shops and eateries. Yet businesses still cannot let their guard down, as the new normal has come with stringent rules to keep to secure levels of public health and safety.

With the launch of Clement Shield Group’s new virtually linked Vaccine Pass Verification System, we explore how your business can ensure the smoothest of check-ins, returning for an efficient and safe reopening thanks to this one compact—and simple—machine.

Mounted against the wall or propped onto a stand, this handy checking system streamlines the whole vaccine pass checking process into three easy steps that anyone can get used to. A no-frills addition that integrates into venues’ front doors and entry points, each person only needs to show their health credentials once upon entry.

On the other side, staff will not have to repeatedly tend to each and every single guest who makes it to the front door, nor would dedicated employees need to keep verifying everyone’s status by hand. Bit by bit, businesses can win efficiency back and become more Covid-compatible, especially in high-volume places like schools and shopping malls. 

Putting tech to practice, Clement Shield Group has successfully tested the system in Europe with promising results of improved adaptation from both the guest and business.

How exactly does the machine work? Upon entering a premise, the first thing that will greet each guest is your venue’s bespoke “Leave Home Safe” QR code displayed digitally in the Clement Shield vaccine pass verification machine’s trendy interface, eliminating the flimsy laminated sheets that are a garish and awkward addition.

Each passing visitor is prompted to show their vaccine record and beep in their body temperature through the built-in scanner of the machine, which returns with an immediate pass-or-fail result that alerts staff to whether or not the visitor is qualified to enter the venue. No more meandering lines and fumbling around on mobile QR scanners—the process allows everyone to whizz past, clocking in the whole check-in at five seconds.

Aside from pushing this new innovative technology, Clement Shield Group also provides top-notch security services that encompass everything from training to operations and even consultancy! Welcoming clients of all backgrounds—beyond just companies and venues that are open to the public or food and beverage businesses—its know-how has been informed by long-standing experience from many different realms.

Clement Shield Group

Dedicated to bringing forward quality security solutions to clients of all backgrounds, operations at Clement Shield Group also branch out to cover technologies, training, and consultancy. Combining their expertise with an eye for individual risk management needs, Clement Shield offers top-tier services that have been strategically tailored.

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