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Why learning French should be on your to-do list

By Sponsored content 17 September 2019

As the leaves start changing colours and the cool wind brings in a pleasant (albeit damp) relief from summer, the arrival of autumn is just around the corner. This particular time of the year is not just the ideal season to go hiking or engage in outdoor activities, it also signals the start of a brand-new school term, which means it’s definitely the right time to feel motivated to learn a new language. Autumn gets us in a romantic mood, so why not start things off with a French language class?

Did you know that French is now the fifth most spoken language around the world and the second most spoken language in Europe? Getting the hang of this versatile language will surely get you involved in conversations around the world, no matter where you are. Whether you engage with French-speaking professionals on a daily basis or want to enrichen your social circle, adding one more language to your linguistic arsenal would always do more good than harm. Led by qualified, child-friendly, and native French teachers, Alliance Française has a whole range of diverse and exciting French classes lined up. All students are welcome to rediscover the pleasure of learning, no matter their age and level of French!

Adults alliance francaise


Adults (18 years old or up)

Classes for different levels of French language learning are available at three Alliance Française centres in Wan Chai, Jordan, and Sha Tin. Whether you are a beginner struggling with pronunciation or an intermediate French speaker who would like to touch up and expand your vocab skills, it’s never too late to start learning. In addition to their regular courses, there are also fast-track courses and workshops tailor-made with a focus on specific topics and language skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Click here to learn more about Sha Tin, Jordan, and Wan Chai centres

Teens alliance francaise

Teens (11–17 years old)

One of the strengths of Alliance Française’s learning centres is their small class size, ensuring opportunities for every student to participate and get involved. A combination of language learning activities and workshops make gaining fluency in the French language uniquely effective. Don’t be afraid to chime in during French class, even if you’re feeling shy—everyone will be on the same track as you!Click here to learn more about French language class schedules

Kids alliance francaise

Toddlers, preschoolers & kids (18 months old–10 years old)

Kids’ brains are like sponges; they soak up new knowledge at a frightening speed, so why not give them a head start with a French class? Offer your kids an opportunity to learn a foreign language at their golden age and discover different countries and cultures in French through learning games, songs, and dances! They can create their own passport, pack their own suitcases, and come on board for a summer trip with Alliance Française.Click here to learn more about French language class schedules



For those looking to officiate your knowledge of the language, the second session for DELF DALF exam is now open for registration until September 30. The exams take place in November for different levels, ranging from A1 to C2. Whether you would like to achieve a higher level of certified French or if you require the accreditation to earn extra credits for universities, getting a DELF DALF certificate will be handy for you academically and professionally. It also looks pretty impressive on your wall of achievements!

660x440 - Love Friday

Love Friday at Fringe Club

Nervous about picking up a whole new language? You can get a taste for it first at the upcoming Love Friday event at Fringe Club, hosted by Alliance Française. Held on September 27, Hong Kong Comics Artist Justin Wong will give a talk on his creative craft, followed by a lunchtime film screening of The Girl Without Hands. The event is open to the public, so why not pop by and get a feel of things? It might ignite your interest to learn more about French culture!Love Friday, Fringe Club, 2 Lower Albert Road, Central | (+852) 2521 7251 Alliance FrançaiseFor more information about different French courses on offer, visit Alliance Française or WhatsApp (+852) 6153 8466

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