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Looking for VIP holiday perks? Sign up to Intriq Keys and enjoy 25% off!

By Localiiz Branded | 18 October 2023

Header image courtesy of Intriq Keys

A relaxing holiday is just what we need to unwind from the stressors of daily life, wouldn’t we all agree? However, more often than not, the booking process is so stressful that it puts a damper on your experience long before the holiday even starts. Beat the pre-holiday struggle with Intriq Keys, a luxury hotel reservation platform that will take the edge off planning your next getaway!

Intriq Keys is not like the other hotel booking platforms you’re used to. Specialising in high-end hotels and resorts around the world, Intriq Keys is a tailored travel agency recognised and loved by luxury hotel brands. Forget the usual hotel loyalty programmes and membership perks that only apply to frequent guests—Intriq Keys brings those perks to you.

As the preferred partner of quite a few industry giants, Intriq Keys has a whole catalogue of travel programmes with additional benefits exclusive to the platform, from flexible cancellation policies to dining credits, collecting loyalty points, and room upgrades—anything to take your holiday to the next level.

Photo: Intriq Keys

What you can expect when booking with Intriq Keys is an online booking platform that is live 24 hours a day with instant confirmation directly from your hotel of choice, meaning you never have to worry about your booking not going through. What’s more, you can browse through a range of exclusive hotel offers as you book so you’ll always get the best rates.

Intriq Keys offers a tailored travel experience that starts at the booking stage and continues throughout your holiday. A dedicated team of specialists that are well-connected with the hotel catalogue’s representatives will take care of any additional requests that come up along the way. Leveraging their connections with your hotel of choice, the team at Intriq Keys will work to make your holiday wishes come true and bring you the best experience possible.

Localiiz readers can enjoy an exclusive 25 percent off the Intriq Keys membership with the code localiizxintriqkeys upon check out, available from now until 31 December!

Intriq Keys

Intriq Keys is a leading luxury hotel reservation platform powered by Intriq Journey, a Virtuoso-appointed bespoke travel agency and preferred partner of luxury hotel brands worldwide. Book your luxurious stay at five-star or boutique hotels with a wide array of exclusive benefits—such as hotel dining credits, free breakfast, and room upgrades upon booking—from Intriq Keys.