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How To: Look After Your Clothes in Humid Weather

By Contributed content 16 July 2018
We're well into the Hong Kong summer, the humidity is cranking up, and that nasty monster mould is threatening to attack our beloved wardrobe. Thankfully, Catherine Martsch, head designer, stylist, and founder of local fashion brand LoveIt, is here to the rescue with seven simple tips on how to care for your clothes during the humid weather in the 852.
Faster than the blink of an eye Hong Kongers have launched headlong into hot summer days. If you want to look good, feel great, and smell like a rose rather than a swamp this summer, it pays to take special care of what goes into your closet. Sweat and small spillages on garments and shoes that you would barely notice in other parts of the world combine with the Hong Kong summertime humidity to wreak havoc. Here are some tips to keep you looking good.

1. Never put worn clothes back in the closet without having them cleaned first

In humid conditions mold will easily form on tiny left over remnants of spilt food or drinks and once mold forms on your clothing it often leaves permanent damage. Sweat and deodorant smells that might not be that noticeable to you when you are undressing will also quickly amplify and can transfer to your entire closet giving both you and your clothing a dank smell which is very noticeable to others and can be quite offensive.

2. Try to buy clothing that is ‘wash and wear’

By doing this, you can avoid dry cleaning as the smells from dry cleaning chemicals can also easily transfer to other items in your closet and can also result in a dank smell which when combined with deodorant and sweat can be quite offensive to others.

3. Don’t leave clothing or shoes in plastic packaging

If there is little or no circulation reaching your clothes, then mold will find a way in.

4. Avoid putting damp items back in your closet

Putting any items - especially shoes - that are damp from summer rain or humidity back into your closet without having them perfectly dry first will facilitate the growth of mold.

5. Buy a dehumidifier with a ‘drying’ function

If you are going to invest in buying a dehumidifier, it’s worth buying one with a ‘drying’ function so that your garments will be super dry in the shortest possible time. Dehumidifiers with a drying function are also great for ensuring shoes are perfectly dry at the end of a hot and humid day

6. Buy humidity beads

Storing humidity beads in shoe boxes and on every shelf of your closet is a good idea, especially those shelves and drawers that aren’t accessed very often. The beads from Japan Home Store are great.

7. Store clothes in a small room

If you are leaving your apartment and don’t want to leave the air-con on all day, it’s best to have your clothes in a small room where you can leave the dehumidifier on all day. Find out more about Catherine's styling sessions, check out the LoveIt online store, or pop into the shop in Central. LoveIt, 1801, 18th Floor, Car Po Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, (852) 2545 2162

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