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Looking to learn a new language?

By Sponsored content 3 September 2019
When it comes to learning a foreign language, they say the most immersive method is to plunge yourself into a foreign country and figure it out as you go. But if that seems like quite a drastic (not to mention frightening) choice to make, taking classes at a private language school should provide you with ample preparation ahead of that next step.
Hong Kong has no shortage of language schools, but you certainly don’t want to enrol in just any one. When your goal is to speak Japanese fluently in three months, spending two hours every day in the classroom drilling down grammar and vocab probably won’t get you the best results. In a scenario that sounds all too familiar, at the end of the semester, you end up knowing only two phrases: “元気ですか (How are you)?” and “はい、元気です(Yes, I’m fine)。” No one wants to spend their evenings and weekends studying just to receive such insubstantial results. That’s where the Hong Kong Institute of Languages (HKIL) steps in. Dedicated to student-centred learning, this language school has been providing courses of all levels for children, teens, and adults, as well as Hong Kong families, corporations, and institutes for 34 years. Teaching a total of seven languages—including English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Japanese—HKIL is committed to making language learning as engaging and interesting as possible, using an innovative teaching approach and small, focused classroom settings.

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

100% face-to-face teaching in small group classes

At HKIL, all courses are taught 100 percent face-to-face. Its teaching model is built around small group classes and private lessons with only qualified native speakers, cultivating an immersive language environment that ensures optimal linguistics progress of students. For children’s language courses, classes are available on weekdays and Saturday. Parents can choose from a learning mode of small group classes (4–8 children per class) or a tailor-made individual course for your kid. Small group classes are organised by age and level to ensure a homogenous class dynamic that facilitates language learning. Better still, families who are interested in learning a new language together to enrichen their lives in Hong Kong can choose to attend customisable courses as well. Similarly, the learning mode for teenager and adult learners is either through private classes or small group classes of up to eight students. Bespoke private classes are offered to students when they have specific language goals to achieve, such as to prepare for language examinations or to meet linguistic job requirements.

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Stimulating learning activities

Forget stale and monotonous classroom settings—HKIL offers children a fun and engaging way to improve their language skills through stimulating learning activities. Focused on giving youngsters positive reinforcement to boost their confidence, these activities also strengthen kids’ abilities to communicate in a different language. Aside from classroom learning, HKIL also organises language camps during seasonal holidays for children to discover fun and intriguing ways to learn a language. With an emphasis on the spoken languages and cultural enrichment, camps encourage students to speak as much as possible the foreign language through a breadth of interesting cultural topics, like cuisines, arts, and festivals. For teenagers and adults learner, HKIL has developed a highly successful teaching approach that combines professional language teaching and interactive class participation. Incorporating multimedia learning, these courses help you brush up on your language skills, as well as make language learning more enjoyable and refreshing.

Hong Kong Institute of Languages

Back-to-institute promotion

HKIL is currently offering a 20% discount on its tuition fee to support the back-to-school term for children and adult learners. Students can choose from English, French, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Cantonese, and Japanese, all taught by qualified native speakers. As per HKIL standard, courses are taught in either private classes or small, focused group settings of up to eight students. Whether you want to improve your grasp on a foreign language, prepare for language examinations, meet job requirements, or simply have a few tricks up your sleeve for your next big travel adventure, this language school offers different solutions to your language goals. Aspired language learners won’t want to snooze on this time-sensitive offer!   School Locations Central Campus, 3/F (children), 6F (adults), Wellington Plaza, 56–58 Wellington Street, Central Wong Chuk Hang Campus, 306–307, Level 3, One Island South, 2 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang (children only) Corporations and Schools: Teaching is provided onsite and at our Central location For more information about the different courses on offer, visit HKIL or contact (+852) 2877 6160 | [email protected]

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