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Halloween costume ideas for 2019 to help you stay relevant

By Ching Yuen 24 October 2019
Halloween is right around the corner and we cannot stay still! Whether you’re hitting up bars in LKF, clubbing it out with the crowd, or turning up at a mate’s house party, we want to make sure you all have the best costumes, #squadghouls. 2019 has been an eventful year, with many shocks and laughs, and Halloween is the day you can get away with more than you usually can. Here’s a list of costume ideas to stay relevant, and it’s going to be lit like a jack-o’-lantern!

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Photo courtesy of HBO/Vox

1. Coffee cup in Game of Thrones

It’s been almost half a year and we’re still not over that Starbucks cup. Yep, you know which one. For all the hours spent at nitpicking the final season of Game of Thrones, the production assistants (and editors) missed a Starbucks cup on the dining table during the celebration of the White Walkers’ defeat. Why not be a walking reminder for everyone that even million-dollar productions are not free of faults? Encourage your friends to go as Game of Thrones characters to give your costume that additional touch of relevance.
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

2. Old Town Road and Yee Yee Juice

When Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X released Old Town Road, everyone instantly unleashed their inner cowboy. Stemming from the uber-popular song, a Yee Yee Juice challenge went viral, where one would take a sip of anything labelled Yee Yee Juice and transform into their cowboy gear. Get ready to dig out your cowboy hats, boots, and shredded denim jackets for this epic costume. Welcome to the Yee-Haw Club, boys and gals.
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Photo courtesy of Youtube

3. The end of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift’s feud

This years-long feud between two of the world’s biggest popstars seemed like it had no end in sight. In a surprising twist, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry announced the end of their (very) public disagreement in Swift’s music video You Need To Calm Down. During the end scene, dressed as a hamburger and fries, they search for each other to create the most harmonious fast food combo. We sure hope this truce lasts! Be sure to grab a friend and make it a couple’s costume.

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world record egg halloween costume hong kong
Photo courtesy of Good News Network

4. The Instagram world record egg

This global event seems like it happened aeons ago, but in actuality, the Instagram world record egg took our social media feeds by storm a mere 10 months ago. We don’t think anyone should ever underestimate the power of social media after this ordeal back in January, when, in just under ten days, an epic pic of an egg broke the internet and the world record of “Most-Liked Post on Instagram” by getting a total of 18.4 million likes. That’s 0.4 million more than the previous record-holder, Kylie Jenner, and her photo of her newborn daughter Stormi. The egg was used for a social media campaign to raise awareness for mental health and those cracking under pressure, so it’s an easy costume with a good cause!
spiderman disney versus sony hong kong halloween
Photo courtesy of Mashable India

Disney vs. Sony for custody of Spiderman

As if Avengers: Endgame didn’t impress us enough, Disney and Sony served us some real drama when they fought for rights over the film usage rights of Spiderman. To re-enact this drama, you will need some pals to share the roles of Disney (perhaps in the form of Mickey Mouse) and Sony (any character from Angry Birds is quite representative). The best part is that you can get your pet involved too and throw in a Spiderdog or Spidercat and you two can pretend to fight over it!
storming area 51 halloween costume hong kong
Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Storming Area 51

This fiasco almost made us lose faith in mankind, but it sure was the laugh of the century when a Facebook event calling netizens to storm Area 51 started trending. If you followed the drama, you’ll know Area 51 as an American military base believed to house extraterrestrial beings. Social media attention grew when people from other countries starting forming groups to fly or even swim over to Area 51 to join the storming. Get your alien-wear on and Naruto Run your way into Halloween!

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avengers endgame halloween costume hong kong
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios

Any of the Avengers

The world held its breath when Avengers: Endgame made its debut this year, and though the biggest movie franchise of the century may never be the same again, you can #avengethefallen this Halloween and dress up in memory of your favourite Avengers character. Thank you for everything, Iron Man, we love you 3000.
black hole halloween sauron costume ideas hong kong
Photo courtesy of Scary Parcak

Picture of a black hole

On April 10, 2019, the world’s first picture of a black hole was released, and it quickly became fodder for the eager meme community online. You get to be as creative or as lazy as you want with this Halloween costume idea, and you’ve even got a wide range of options as to how you want to name your black hole costume. Is that you, Sauron?

vsco girls halloween costume idea hong kong

Photo courtesy of NBC News

VSCO girl

If you want to make fun of the stereotype of the year, here’s a quick way of doing: dressing up as a VSCO girl. This label is reserved for a specific type of teenage girl and it’s super easy to put together. Think oversized t-shirts, hydro flasks, scrunchies, Birkenstock sandals, and—most importantly—an obsession with editing all of your pictures on the VSCO app. Make sure to plaster your social media with all sorts of (basic) photos on your night out, including ones where you stick your tongue out or practice duck-pouted lips, and don’t forget to filter them on VSCO before posting. We’re just not sure how seriously we will take you after you transform into a VSCO girl. Sksksksksk...
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Photo courtesy of gamingtrend

Untitled goose game on Nintendo Switch

Not sure if y’all play Nintendo Switch, but Untitled Goose Game launched this year and caused an unprecedented ripple in the gaming community. Their online description sums it up: “It’s a lovely day in the village, and you are a horrible goose.” Players assume the identity of a goose that plays pranks and terrorises the inhabitants of an English village. So pull on any goose outfit and go around annoying as many people as you can. After all, Halloween is the one day you can get away with it!
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