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Get an Ice Cream Flavour Named After Yourself!

By Promotions 23 March 2017
There can't be many things cooler than getting an ice cream flavour named after yourself, or better still, named for that special ice cream lover in your life. With the Happy Cow crowdfunder this is exactly what you could do!
Established four years ago in Hong Kong, Happy Cow is a delicious brand of dairy-free ice cream made from a blend of coconut cream and organic coconut sugar, mixed with handmade jams and fresh fruits. You may have already seen the brand around town as it's available in one of 100 outlets in Hong Kong ... so what's new? Happy Cow is planning to open its first retail shop and it is seeking additional funds to make the project possible. In a show of true consumer confidence, students at University of Hong Kong invited Happy Cow to bid for a lease on a shop on campus. "We'd sponsored a few promotions with a number of the student associations – 'get a free ice cream when you sign up' sort of thing – and we gathered quite a fan club it seems," explains Happy Cow director Mary Schroeder. "While Happy Cow is funding the bulk of the cost, from providing the frozen storage through to staff training, we want to be able to offer student-friendly prices at the campus kiosk so are looking for community financial support to make this possible," says Schroeder. The company has come up with some truly innovative ideas to generate the funding, and the packages are priced so that almost anyone can join in the fun; here are just a few of the offers available:
  • HK$100 donation >> Reward: The perfect treat for any night of the week, with a donation of HK$100, you can pick up from the University of Hong Kong shop a customised gift box of 6 ice cream cups.
  • HK$500 donation >> Reward: Looking for the best deal in Hong Kong for Happy Cow pints (475ml)? This is it! Receive 7 pints of Happy Cow on your next visit to the HKU shop. You pick the flavours and Happy Cow will have them ready!
  • HK$1,600 donation >> Reward: The perfect gift for a Happy Cow lover - six months of delivery straight to their home! For HK$1,600, Happy Cow will deliver 4 pints of Happy Cow each month to your home. They will customise the flavours to your choice. 24 pints in total!
  • HK$5,000 donation >> Reward: Hosting a big party for your friends or your officemates or perhaps looking to add a special ice cream experience at your wedding reception? With a donation of HK$5,000 Happy Cow will deliver 200 servings of ice cream to anywhere in Hong Kong! They will handle all the serving (including waffle cones, cups, toppings, the works!).
And the real winner in our eyes:
  • HK$30,000 donations >>  The Ultimate Prize!: Happy Cow will work with you to develop a new ice cream flavor and will name it after you! Not only will they offer the flavour in their university retail store, but they will also promote it to their wholesale retailers all throughout Hong Kong! They're also open to corporate branding as well.
Better still, no matter how small your donation, every donor will also get their name permanently placed on the Happy Cow shop wall! Happy Cow has already completed the design and begun the renovation with an expected opening date set for March 31, 2017. As the first dairy-free, vegan ice cream shop to be launched on a college campus in the world, this is your chance to be part of history! [su_button url="" target="blank" style="flat" background="#ff9900" color="#ffffff" size="6" center="yes" radius="5"]Click to Enter Ice Cream Heaven[/su_button]    

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