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From Station to Station: Couple Take Adorable Photographs at Every MTR Stop

By Localiiz 21 May 2014
May 21st 2014 Hong Kongers sure love the MTR! Last year, Tim Littlechild and Chantal Shafie of RTHK's Something For the Weekend broke a Guinness World Record during their epic one-day MTR Challenge, visiting all 83 stations in 8 hours, 18 minutes. Then just today, we came across a whole new MTR marathon, one that's far less competitive but equally awesome. Irish expats Mark O'Leary and Aisling McDonnell have blessed us with their own MTR offering, photographing themselves at all stops along the Hong Kong metro system. Sporting poses and costumes that are either completely random or poke fun at the station name or area, the two clearly enjoyed themselves on the most playful MTR adventure yet! Mark and Aisling, who left Hong Kong at the beginning of this year, started the project as a memento of their time here. With the new MTR stations under construction however, it looks like they'll just have to return for more! We've chosen 10 of our favourites from the series to share with you. Click through to see them all!

In the words of O'Leary himself..."Here I am lathering myself in sun screen, because after all, why should you wear sun screen? Fo' tan!"


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