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5 reasons to choose artisan wines over mass-market varieties

By Localiiz Branded | 10 March 2022

Header image courtesy of Vynluna Wines

Wine is one of the oldest and greatest elixirs in the history of mankind—at times mellifluous and delicate, at times laser-sharp and full of tannin, and ever a treat to be savoured. If you love a glass of red or white and want to take your drinks appreciation to sommelier levels, then it’s time to delve into the wonderful world of artisan wines, where small-batch production and expert craftsmanship are the cornerstones of operation.

Much more than just a marketing buzzword slapped on the front of a bottle, there are legitimate reasons for artisan wines becoming the new name of the game. We asked the pros over at Vynluna Wines to break down why you should consider choosing artisan wines over mass-market varieties for your next palate-pleasing imbibing adventure.

Photo: Domaine de la Noblaie

Care into every bottle

Focusing on small-batch, handcrafted production, artisan wines are made with decidedly more care and attention than their mass-made counterparts. From the way the grapes are grown and picked to how they are crushed, fermented, and stored, every step of the process is closely overseen and lovingly treated like an art form, resulting in a higher quality product and more enjoyable wine-drinking experience.

Local online fine wine retailer Vynluna Wines takes this notion of careful craftsmanship seriously to heart, sourcing artisan wines from the best family-owned vineyards around the world. Championing traditional production, Champagne Aubry is a label on the stockist that retains winemaking techniques that run as far back as the late 18th century.

While corporate wine estates may have an annual production of at least 120,000 bottles, most of the cuvées picked by Vynluna Wines produce a few thousand bottles or less a year—a testament to the company’s dedication to quality over quantity.

Photo: Feverpitched (via iStock)

Better reflects terroir

What makes a wine unique is its terroir, the complete natural environment in which the grapes are grown. Beyond varietal, specific soil types, topography, vineyard orientation, and climate, a host of other factors all come into play in shaping a wine’s distinctive personality. Mass wine manufacturers habitually take interventions that dilute the terroir expression of their products in order to achieve uniformity.

On the other hand, their artisanal counterparts place a high value on character and vintage variation, enabling the organic regional characteristics of their wines to be coaxed out and appreciated by novices and oenophiles alike.

Photo: @vynluna (via Instagram)

Better for your body

In a similar vein, it is not uncommon for mass-market wines to be riddled with additives and chemicals that are meant to ensure a shelf-stable product and maintain consistent taste year after year. Sulphites are one of the most common preservatives added to wines that sit on the shelves for months on end. While the chemical is naturally occurring in low traces across all wines, too much of it could be to blame for your pounding headache after drinking.

Meanwhile, artisan winemaking sees grapes turning into wines with minimal intervention. Like the moniker implies, Minimalist Wines is Vynluna's pick of an estate that crafts excellent wines with minimal intervention both at the vineyard and the cellar, relying on 100 per cent whole bunch fermentation.

There is simply no need for tampering, as the wines are often produced in limited quantities and delivered straight from the vineyards to your cellars. Instead, what you get are natural, low-sulphur wines that stay true to their origins and are better for your body.

Photo: Louis Hansel (via Unsplash)

Superior food and wine pairing

A well-chosen bottle of wine can elevate your dinner from basic sustenance to a mouthwatering gourmet meal, and artisan wines happen to hold great potential for pairing with food. The standout flavours and well-judged acidity make for exceptional pairings that not only complement but also enhance the taste of cheeses, meats, and other fine foods. With the promise of an unparalleled wine-and-dine experience, it’s no wonder why many of Vynluna Wines’s artisan labels are used in acclaimed restaurants, with three on the list that are Michelin-starred!

Photo: Folium Vineyard

Supports environmental sustainability

Putting taste aside, an unexpected reason to choose artisan wines is that it supports the environment. Just like in ye olden days, artisan winemaking often embraces eco-farming and organic practices that work in beautiful harmony with modern parameters of sustainability.

Vynluna Wines even sources a selection of its bottles from producers that champion organic and biodynamic agriculture, such as Domaine Pierre Martin, Domaine Lionnet, and Domaine de la Noblaie. It entails a process that utilises free-roaming farm animals and natural vineyard output to encourage biodiversity and ultimately achieve a self-sufficient, closed system of production.

Now that you know the advantages of picking artisan wines over your average supermarket labels, you are probably wondering where to dip your toe into the water. Specialising in small-batch artisan wineries from around the globe, Vynluna Wines is your reliable destination for fine wines and spirits that tell the tale of their terroir. 

For a well-rounded crash course in the best artisan wine producers around, opt for the artisan wines mixed case ($2,295), which spotlights six wines exclusively imported to Hong Kong by Vynluna Wines directly from their sources.

Kickstart your drinking expedition with Vynluna Wines’s exclusive offer for Localiiz readers: 12 of their artisan wines mixed cases are available at a discounted price of $1,500, along with a 15 percent discount on all wines from their artisan producers LOCALIIZ15. Order now and get ready to open your senses to a bold new world of wine enjoyment!

Vynluna Wines

Vynluna Wines is a contemporary fine wines and spirits merchant based in Hong Kong. Scouring the world for expert craftsmen that focus on terroir, respect the environment, and produce wines that are authentic to their place, Vynluna Wines specialises in collectable and handcrafted labels of perfect provenance and delivers them directly from the vineyards to your cellars.

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