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5 things to look forward to at McSorley’s this Christmas

By McSorley’s Sponsored | 10 December 2020

For many of us, Christmas this year has to be spent away from friends and family, bereft of the usual celebratory feast. Even so, traditions must be kept, and good food remains to be enjoyed. If you have not yet made plans for your Christmas meal, why not head on over to McSorley’s for a taste of home at the end of this long year? Filled with traditional holiday delights, here’s what you can look forward to from McSorley’s Christmas menu (available for dine-in or takeaway).

Black truffle & Gruyère risotto balls

Kick off the feast with these dainty, decadent bites. Chewy risotto and gooey Gruyère are packed inside a crunchy shell, with strong hints of truffle throughout. The creamy flavour bombs are then laid on a tart bed of confit tomato and basil sauce for contrast: what a rousing start for your taste buds!

Slow-cooked beef with red wine & chocolate sauce

McSorley’s slow-cooked beef is so meltingly tender, you might as well put away the fork and just use the spoon! Pair every bite with a generous scoop of their red wine and chocolate sauce, a sweet and full-bodied combo to remind you of the pleasantness of Christmas. The slow-cooked beef is served with peas, butternut squash, and a generous helping of champ, a traditional Irish recipe for the creamiest kind of mashed potatoes.

Oven-baked breast of turkey

Of course, Christmas calls for celebratory turkey. Maybe it is not possible to carve one with family and friends this year, but tradition calls. Have a meal just like you would back home with this main, where the finest cuts of turkey breasts are soaked in classic turkey gravy with cranberry chutney on the side. The dish also comes with sage and chestnut stuffing, yam potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and honey-glazed carrots for a most hearty and well-rounded meal.

Applewood-smoked salmon fillet

Who can resist a salmon fillet smoked to perfection, especially when it’s been infused with the musky aromas of applewood? Topped with a rich lobster and champagne butter sauce, no less! Paired with the rare grilled purple asparagus, this might just be one of the most delicious proteins you’ve had in a while.

Red fruit lemon tart

After the rich and filling meal, it’s best to finish with something more light and zesty to balance it out. We would suggest the trusty red fruit lemon tart for something unusual. If you want the full Christmas experience instead, go for the rustic Christmas pudding with rum sauce (but only if you still have space!).

Can’t choose which main to pick? Don’t worry—Christmas is a season for sharing, so spend your holiday lunch or dinner with a loved one. Then you can both order different mains as part of McSorley’s delectable three-course meal ($298), or pay a little more for a four-course meal ($338) featuring a smoky-sweet potato soup with bacon and blue cheese. Don’t dilly dally, either—the Christmas menu is only available from 1 December until 26 December. Book your spot today to secure that annual Christmas meal!


Located in Soho, Discovery Bay, and Elements, McSorley’s is everyone’s favourite Irish pub for lunch, brunch, and dinner while watching major sports events over a few pints. Head on over for a hearty meal of homemade pies, signature burgers, and more trusty Western classics.