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McDonald’s Hong Kong is running low on hash browns

By Annette Chan 26 January 2021

Header images courtesy of @katielikesbread (via Instagram) and McDonald’s Hong Kong (via Facebook)

Well, it looks like the 11 am cut-off time is no longer the biggest obstacle preventing fans of McDonald’s’ breakfast meals from getting their hands on those hallowed hash browns. According to the McDonald’s Hong Kong’s official Facebook page, shipping delays from the United States have caused a shortage of hash browns, leading some who (rightfully) consider the crispy potato treats to be the best part of a Maccy D’s brekkie to air their displeasure on social media.

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“The shipment might be late! Help!” — “Why don’t I help you out?” Photo credit: McDonald’s Hong Kong (via Facebook)

Before any know-it-alls pipe up with, “But I had a hash brown yesterday/over the weekend/20 minutes ago!”, we should point out that McDonald’s Hong Kong isn’t completely out of hash browns just yet—they’re just running low. To conserve valuable stock, the fast-food giant is offering customers the option to switch their hash browns to sweet corn cups when purchasing breakfast meals, free of charge. And sure, a little plastic cup of cold corn might not hit the spot quite like a fryer-fresh hash brown, but getting one of your five a day could be a good shout when you’re hoofing down hotcakes and whipped margarine before noon.

While some seemed to welcome the change, with one person commenting, “Finally, we can have sweet corn with breakfast! It’s good to have healthier options,” others were far less pleased. “Sometimes, my entire reason for going to McDonald’s is to get a hash brown. If you don’t have anything, what’s the point of even being open?,” one commenter said, while a few cynical punters pointed out that the chain could have curbed the shortage if they did not bring back the seasonal Prosperity Burger menu, which includes a beef burger with a hash brown on top of the patty. BRB, we’re off to scoff down a few before they go!

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Annette Chan

Senior editor

Annette is an editor and copywriter with a lifetime of experience in hunting out the most interesting, odd, and delightful things about her beloved home city. Having written extensively about everything from food and culture to fashion, music, and hospitality, she considers her speciality to be Hong Kong itself. In her free time, you can find Annette trying out new dumpling recipes or playing Big Two at her favourite local bars with a cocktail in hand.