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5 reasons to use Bidvino’s wine auction platform

By Localiiz Branded | 12 January 2023

Header image courtesy of Bidvino

Tired of endlessly browsing wine shops? Looking for rare or vintage wines? Acquiring your optimal wine of choice halfway across the world may pose a challenge, especially with a busy schedule where dropping by an expensive winery is not an option. A wine auction platform can really help you out here.

But we know auctions can be an intimidating world for casual wine drinkers to venture into, especially with the plethora of technical terms used and the atmosphere of exclusivity at auctions. To make wines from all around the world more accessible for wine lovers and enthusiasts in Hong Kong, Bidvino Auctions offers a welcoming experience to bidders of all levels of experience and a chance to get your hands on a rare and great-value bottle, all through a digital auctioneering service and shopping platform. 

Photo: Bidvino

An optimised service for all devices

Whether you are outside on your phone or at home on your computer, Bidvino’s services are accessible from a multitude of devices. Regardless of the digital device you use to access Bidvino’s online platform, its optimised desktop and mobile websites are undoubtedly effortless to navigate through when bidding or buying products.

Photo: Bidvino

Auctions hosted both timed and live

Bidvino’s flexibility also extends towards customers’ inclinations of their auction preferences. For those who prefer bidding among multiple bottles at the same time, Bidvino’s services allow them to participate in timed auctions. Bidvino also encourages bidders to attend live auctions, where customers can browse through several lots together all in one place.

Photo: Scott Warman (via Unsplash)

Up-to-date information with push notifications

With oodles of auctions arriving on the Bidvino platform every month, it can be difficult to keep track of deals related to your oenophile interests. However, the Bidvino auctioning app allows users to easily enable push notifications to stay up-to-date on recent postings! By consistently being in the loop regarding Bidvino’s winery information and sales, customers can rest assured that a perfect offering doesn’t slip away from right underneath their noses.

Photo: Bidvino

Bottles available from the best wine regions

Due to the necessity of specific weather conditions and terroir, the best wineries are spread all across the globe, most famously in places such as France, Spain, New Zealand, and more. Despite being based in Hong Kong, Bidvino can source world-class wines to allow customers to refine and expand their wine cellar, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Photo: Bidvino

A transparent and efficient customer-focused experience

Bidvino’s user-friendly interface enables customers to browse through dozens of winery and label options, picking their favourites from a myriad of international choices. Endless choices are at your fingertips! Its attentive customer service guarantees effective solutions for all customer problems and preferences! Additionally, each buyer is corroborated carefully during the purchasing process to ensure clear transparency in all transactions made through Bidvino.


Bidvino is a wine platform that aims to assist customers in delivering the finest wines to their doorsteps. It provides a one-stop, easily accessible auctioning experience for vintage bottles and hidden gems to appeal to all wine lovers and enthusiasts alike.