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Hong Kong’s best Korean street toasts

By Beverly Ngai 28 September 2020

Header images courtesy of @feedmytummylikemichelin (via Instagram)

Move over, Egg McMuffin—gilgeori toast (길거리토스트; “street toast”) takes the crown for the ultimate breakfast sandwich. Popularised by street vendors in South Korea, the breakfast and lunch staple is a sweet-and-savoury grilled egg sandwich that comes stuffed with a variety of fillings, ranging from crunchy veggies and melty cheese to barbecued meats and hash brown. Fast, filling, and infinitely adaptable, Korean street toast ticks all the boxes for the perfect grab-and-go sandwich and tastes downright delicious to boot.

The best part? You don’t need to fly to Seoul to get your hands on them. Korean street toast has recently started popping up on menus all around the city, and we are here to give you the low-down on seven places where you can enjoy this buttery, toasted goodness right here in Hong Kong!

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Photo credit: (via Instagram)

Isaac Toast

If you are at all familiar with the world of trendy toasts, then you will be no stranger to Isaac Toast. This mega-popular breakfast and sandwich South Korea-based franchise took Hong Kong by storm when it opened its first outpost in Sha Tin at the end of last year, prompting eager foodies to wait in snaking lines outside the shop for an authentic taste of the legendary Korean street toast. Accented with cheerful red décor and light wooden furniture, the inviting space beckons you in for a hearty meal.

In addition to classic combos like ham & cheese ($29), the casual sandwich joint also serves inventive flavours such as bacon & potato pizza ($49) and shrimp MVP toast ($51), as well as several Hong Kong-exclusive options, including a vegetarian option that features the Impossible beef patty ($64)!

Issac Toast, locations across New Territories and Kowloon

Photo credit: @ssojatoasthk (via Instagram)

Ssoja Toast & Hotdog

Specialising in Korean-style sandwiches and hot dogs, Ssoja Toast is another popular Korean chain restaurant that made its first foray into Hong Kong last year. Unlike the cold, pre-packaged, soggy excuses of a meal that give sandwiches a bad rep, everything you find here is freshly made to order and packs flavourful ingredients.

Their must-order item is the three-combo toast ($38), which features crunchy cabbage, melty cheese, generous portions of egg, ham, and bacon, and a tangy-sweet house-made honey mustard sauce, sandwiched between two piping hot slices of buttered toast. Apart from its first location in the Eaton Hotel food hall, you can now also head to the chain’s brand-new location in Hung Hom Upper East Soda Mall to get your fix of Korean street toast!

Ssoja Toast & Hotdog, locations across Kowloon

Photo credit: @tictactoast_hk (via Instagram)

Tic Tac Toast

The latest Korean street toast spot to open in town is nestled in the tight yet bustling quarters of Mong Kok’s Fa Yuen Street. There’s no better way to refuel after hours of exploring the vibrant streets of Mong Kok than with a hearty sandwich—and it’s hard to say no to this charming takeout spot, with its standout teal storefront and multi-coloured tiles beautifully lining one of the interior walls.

Did we mention that the shop’s menu is just as fun as its name is to say? With experimental combinations like Japanese eel with seaweed ($55), Thai tom yum chicken thigh ($48), and Ibérico pork with kimchi($48), as well as vegetarian options with cheese & mushroom ($38), there’s bound to be something for every palate!

Tic Tac Toast, Shop A1, G/F, 174 Fa Yuen Street, Prince Edward | (+852) 6999 7210

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Photo credit: @hkfoodbuddy (via Instagram)

Life Toast

The secret to a good sandwich often lies in the bread to filling ratio, and this cosy sandwich spot in Causeway Bay has it down to a science. All of their sandwiches are fully loaded so that every bite satisfies, served in an adorable yellow-chequered toast box—you will need it to avoid making a mess as you devour the gloriously overstuffed sandwich.

Zesting up the classic Korean street snack, its menu boasts a diverse array of Asian flavours, with options ranging from kimchi pork belly & cheese with scrambled eggs ($53) to teriyaki beef & onion with onsen tamago ($58) to their latest creation: the Sichuan peppercorn spicy chicken with scrambled eggs ($63).

Life Toast, G/F, 28 Haven Street, Causeway Bay | (+852) 6123 2204

Photo credit: @fatchaieatallday (via Instagram)

E for Egg

If it weren’t for the knee-weakening and buttery aromas that will make you want to devour it all in one bite, these sandwich masterpieces might just be too pretty to eat. As the name suggests, this hidden gem of a sandwich shop tucked in Tai Wai churns out an impressive selection of egg-based dishes including sandwiches, croissants, and rice, but their signature is the scrambled egg toast, which comes with a host of fillings such as black truffle ($60), spicy roast chicken ($48), and soft-shell crab ($60).

The toast is thick-cut, so the inside remains soft while the outside is toasted to crispy golden perfection. It’s sturdy enough to hold up against the mountainous pile of melty cheese and creamy scrambled eggs overflowing from the sandwich in a picture-perfect display. Be warned though, there are only a handful of seats along the window counter and outside the shop, so if you plan to dine in, be sure to come by early to nab a seat!

E for Egg, Shop 2, G/F, Holford Shopping Centre, 2–8 Chik Wan Street, Tai Wai | (+852) 5347 0262

Note: E for Egg is temporarily closed and will re-open at a new address in Tai Wai. Scheduled for re-opening in late April or May.

Photo credit: @trymybread (via Instagram)

Try My Bread

Hailed as a dupe for the must-visit Korean street toast spot Egg Drop that is exclusive only to South Korea, this sandwich shop located smack-dab between Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po certainly lives up to the hype. Small as the shop might be with just four seats and serving mostly takeaway, its sandwiches are no skimpy affair.

Lightly-toasted slices of bread are stuffed to the brim with fluffy eggs and various seafood and meaty fillings, so these sandwiches hit all the high notes for flavour and texture. Of the five moreish options, their soft-shell crab egg toast ($60) is a guaranteed showstopper. You get an entire soft-shell crab battered and deep-fried to a crunchy golden brown inside (and jutting out of) the sandwich!

Try My Bread, G/F, 138A Camp Street, Cheung Sha Wan | (+852) 9816 5211

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Photo credit: @kalatoast (via Instagram)

Kala Toast

You may recognise Kala Toast for their rainbow-coloured cheese toast that set the internet ablaze with its picturesque marbled cheese pull, but did you know that this cheese toast specialist also dishes up some drool-worthy Korean street toast? Setting themselves apart from other Korean street toasts, Kala Toast’s egg squares feature an assortment of delicious eggy creations served in toasted brioche bread instead of regular toast, making for an exceptionally rich and buttery bite.

Crowd favourites include Korean-style beef ($59) and Spanish spicy sausage ($48) toasts. There’s only one location and it’s at the very top of Victoria Peak, but we think the trek is worth it for sandwich excellence!

Kala Toast, Shop G11, G/F, The Peak Tower, 128 Peak Road, The Peak | (+852) 6436 1818

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