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Your ultimate guide to cafés and coffee shops in Tai Wai

By Charlotte Ip 10 May 2022 | Last Updated 22 September 2022

Header image courtesy of @phonebus.phonebus (via Instagram)

Tai Wai is the epitome of a peaceful union between urban hustle and suburb tranquillity. Serving diligently as a transport hub that connects two major railway lines, the neighbourhood embraces its historical footprints while balancing its modern residential qualities. It is this laid-back, rustic vibe that has attracted many to invest in their coffee shop dreams. Let’s weave through the nooks and crannies of Tai Wai to uncover its best coffee shops and cafés.

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E for Egg

E for Egg needs no introduction—this speciality Korean toast café is highly popular for its egg-ceptionally flavourful and Instagrammable bread dishes. Basking comfortably in scrambled eggs and sandwiched by protein, the boxy carb is no stranger to Instagram, where photos of this delectable dish catapulted the shop to stardom.

While the signatures triple cheese scrambled egg toast ($55) and black truffle garlic mushroom mozzarella cheese scramble egg toast ($65) are not to be missed, other recommended items include the waffle ($88) topped with a dessert “egg.”

E for Egg, Shing Ho Building, 19–25 Shing Ho Road, Tai Wai | (+852) 5347 0262

Photo: @phonebus.phonebus (via Instagram)

Summer Ice

Summer Ice’s brick exterior is an understatement for the splendid waffles and coffee it promises. While its understated interiors are also not much to write home about, the two-level coffee house shines in its expertly crafted brews and budget-friendly fare.

Sink your teeth to staples like Earl Grey waffle ($65) and purple potato waffle ($65) with a complimentary ice cream. For an extra cost, you can customise the flavour, add a scoop, or top it with mochi. For culinary adventurers, consider the Irish whiskey coffee waffles ($65) or the whiskey-infused Tai Wai coffee ($60).

Summer Ice, Shop 3, G/F, Rich Court, 31 Chik Fu Street, Tai Wai | (+852) 5548 4270

Uchi Place

Nestled amongst low-rise rustic buildings, this white-clad, four-storey café immediately stands out, establishing itself as a much-sought-after Instagrammable location. Its floor-to-ceiling windows make up for its compact dining area, overlooking a serene local backstreet and offering an abundance of natural light. You can even create an intimate alfresco dining experience by sitting on the rooftop or the balconies on the lower floors.

At Uchi Place, portions are small, so order a melange of savoury and sweet to sample the best the café has to offer. For an affordable option, we recommend the weekday lunch and dinner set ($123), comprising a mini udon, mini poffertjes (Dutch mini pancakes), and a drink. If you are on a foodie hunt, why not bring your friend along and split the cost of an udon and drink set ($83) and a poffertjes and drink set ($79)?

Uchi Place, 12A Ninth Street, Tai Wai Village, Tai Wai | (+852) 2377 9173

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By Beverly Ngai 20 October 2020
By Beverly Ngai 6 October 2020

Dear Coffee and Bakery

Striving to highlight the “little happiness” in life, Dear Coffee and Bakery transforms temporal bliss into lingering smiles with its unwavering persistence in handcrafting calorie-conscious bakes packed with unusual flavours. Its chefs are determined to put their creativity to the test, releasing only limited sets that spotlight the seasonal combos.

Consider the pomelo and coconut cream cheese bagel sandwich with fresh mango ($45), the organic purple yam and mochi butter bread roll ($45), and the pink Himalayan crystal salt caramel cinnamon roll ($45) as some of its trademark creations. You never know what to expect unless you drop by the shop in Tai Wai and join the queue!

Dear Coffee & Bakery, Shop 7, Carado Garden Shopping Arcade, 20–30 Tin Sam Street, Tai Wai | (+852) 2682 0093

Photo: @platformcafe254 (via Instagram)


Amidst a line of traditional eating houses, the snug hideout of Platform makes a striking statement. Its green doors with glass panes beckon you for a relaxing stay in the mood-lit café, but don’t let the countryside vibes fool you—there are innovative bites to come.

Whether it is the shakshuka ($92), the “Ice Fire” apple pie ($78), or the cheese latte ($45), your senses will be floored by the magic conjured by these outrageous flavour combinations. Not over the party in your mouth? Platform has you covered with a selection of bakes available on shelves or online, expertly crafted by the Taiwan-based pastry team—make sure you stay tuned to its social media to catch the latest available delectables.

Platform, 254 Tin Sam Village, Tai Wai | (+852) 3583 2818

Photo: @bichon_siubei (via Instagram)


10 minutes of footwork from Tai Wai town centre will not go to waste when you are in for an urban escape and a promising meal with your animal friend. Na.Bi is composed of a semi-enclosed royal blue bar table adjacent to a picturesque butterfly-themed art piece, making for an irresistible photo spot, but once your camera’s had its fill, it’s time for the stomach.

Na.Bi whips up a reliable black truffle mushroom spaghetti ($72) and mushroom risotto with scallop ($60) that are cemented as customer favourites. For a whimsical treat, dig into the ice-cream-shaped Na.Bi special mashed potato (starting from $38) and the chewy fried Oreo with vanilla ice cream ($30) to experience the café’s creativity.

Na.Bi, Shop 16B, G/F, Carado Garden Shopping Arcade, 20 Tin Sam Street, Tai Wai

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Dessert Palace

If you love feline shopkeepers, then Dessert Palace needs to be on your list. A great enthusiast of cats, the owner named the parlour “糖宮旺” (tong4 gung1 wong6) after his clowder, which consists of Candy (糖糖; tong4 tong4), Doll (公仔; gung1 zai2), and Little Wong (小旺; siu2 wong6)—living mascots that earn the modest eatery a sizable fan base.

Entrust the furry gals with your sweet tooth and you will be well rewarded. Specialising in both Chinese and Western desserts, the menu satiates all of your sugary desires. Its steamed egg white and 3.6 milk in coconut ($58) and pineapple snowflake ice with jelly ($68) are must-haves, but give the made-to-order bakes like durian Napoleon ($60) and chocolate fondant with two scoops of ice cream ($58) a try as well. Meanwhile, the furballs will keep you occupied while you wait.

Dessert Palace, G/F, 61 Chik Shun Street, Tai Wai | (+852) 5133 3776

Photo: Cozy Coffee (via Facebook)

Cozy Coffee

Cozy Coffee’s Tai Wai branch sits at the heart of this culinary playground, leaving a fine first impression on visitors or cyclists ready to mount or hop off their rented bikes a street down. Separated from the bustling city rhythm, the two-floor cafeteria greets you with soft, woody shades that soothe the eye while tantalising your senses with a thick coffee aroma.

On weekdays from 3 pm to 6 pm, treat yourself to a cake set ($78)—it includes a daily cake and beverage—pick an interesting read from the upstairs shelf, and spend your afternoon in complete harmony. In need of fuel after a sweaty cycling session? Choose the selected beef patties double cheeseburger ($128) for the satisfying reward you are looking for.

Cozy Coffee, Shop C, G/F, 64–66 Chik Fuk Street, Tai Wai | (+852) 6511 8708

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