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6 popular Instagram cake shops to follow in Hong Kong

By Natalie Fung 24 April 2020

Header image courtesy of BYJ Hong Kong

With more time spent at home recently, don’t you miss the good old times when you could just stand in front of bakeries staring at your favourite cakes and hoping to devour them one by one? Now, Instagram cake shops are coming to the rescue. Let us introduce you to six popular Instagram cake shops that are just one click away ahead of your next cake rendezvous.

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Photo credit: @majorinfood (Instagram)

Happy Roller Bakery

As its name suggests, Happy Roller Bakery sells only one item: cake rolls. Despite so, the multitude of flavours offered is impressive: sesame, peanut butter, taro, various teas—the list goes on and on! Their selling point is cakes that are “healthy with less oil and sugar”, and the cake rolls are huge in size and extremely tasty, too. Orders should be placed four days in advance and cake rolls are available for pick-up in Happy Cake Shop, a traditional bakery in Mong Kok where traditional pastries such as pineapple buns and egg tarts are sold. If you happen to be too spontaneous to place an order ahead of time, just go to the shop directly and try your luck—there may be flavours you are looking for!

Photo credit: (Instagram)

The Mochiffon Cake

Seamlessly combining chiffon cake and Japanese mochi, The Mochiffon Cake sells a wide array of sweet treats, including whole round cakes, cake rolls, or cake slices. While the chiffon cake comes in various flavours, such as coffee, chocolate, and green tea, it is accompanied by a huge chunk of extremely chewy mochi in its centre and other ingredients like caramel sauce, red bean, and more. While eating desserts can be quite “devilish,” this is not the case for The Mochiffon Cake, which prides its cakes for being healthy and free of preservatives. Good news to all with a sweet tooth!

Photo credit: @yume_patisserie (Instagram)

Yume Patisserie

Selling a huge variety of cakes, including chiffon cakes, cheesecakes, mousse cakes, and even cupcakes, Yume Patisserie specialises in tailor-made cakes, which—more often than not—showcase sophisticated decorations of fruits, chocolates, marshmallows, and even cute cartoon characters. Of course, there are more down-to-earth options, such as Earl Grey chiffon cake with cream. Other than cakes, Yume Patisserie also sells other types of pastries, including cookies and palmiers.

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Photo credit: @guge.cakery (Instagram)

Guge Cakery

While Guge Cakery focuses mostly on whole round cakes, what sets them apart is their huge variety in both flavours and designs. Ranging from Bailey and matcha to yuzu and tofu, the cake options are diverse and anything is possible depending on your taste. On top of that, Guge Cakery is skilled in producing various designs, be it marbled or flowery. We particularly like the fact that their Instagram feed offers detailed descriptions and heartwarming backstories behind the commission of the cake, as well as the ingredients used for each creation.

Photo credit: (Instagram)

BYJ Hong Kong

Over sixty thousand Instagram followers don’t lie. Aesthetically topped with mirror-like layers of Chinese calligraphy drawings, galaxy glazes, and famous paintings, cakes made by BYJ Hong Kong are highly Insta-worthy, leaving customers in immense awe. Akin to exquisite exhibits in museums, the cakes are tailor-made with customised drawings on top, and you can order anything from cartoon characters, words, or just simply splashes of your favourite colours. While the cakes are aesthetically pleasing, they taste just as good, with silky textures outside blending harmoniously with fluffiness inside.

Photo credit: @sistersnfood (Instagram)

Jenjen Bakery

The owner of Jenjen Bakery travels to Taiwan and Japan just to seek the best ingredients for her cakes! Her creations come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including whole round cakes, cake rolls, slice cakes, and “cake sandwiches.” Also known as a self-styled “laboratory,” Jenjen Bakery experiments with intriguing flavours of pastries, including rose, butterfly pea, red tea, and peanut butter, to name but a few. While some cakes cannot be ordered in advance and are only available in the shop, you can always browse through their Instagram feed to get an idea of what flavours you would like to purchase.

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Natalie Fung


Born and bred in Hong Kong, Natalie is a medical student never bored with her hometown but is always infused with immense energy to explore everything inside out—intriguing spots, scrumptious food, hiking, and running trails, to name but a few. Supposedly burying her head in books or notes to keep up with her studies, she instead often hits the gym, new restaurants, and cool shops. If she is not in town, though, she is definitely out having fun—sometimes on her own—in exotic cities which you have barely even heard of. Follow Natalie on Instagram or take casual English lessons with her on her brand-new YouTube channel, Yinglish.

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