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7 Hong Kong Cafes that Offer Discounts if You Bring Your Own Mug

By Sarah Moran 25 January 2019

We all aspire to be the type of person who wakes up early enough to make breakfast and coffee at home, but if you're anything like us, you'll probably end up grabbing it on the way to work. And as much as we look forward to our morning coffee run after sleeping in, the number of disposable paper cups that get thrown into landfills each day can make a huge impact on the environment. According to local NGO Go Cup, over 2,400 million have already been used in 2019 alone. With this in mind, we take a look at seven Hong Kong cafes that offer discounts to customers who bring their own mug, in an attempt to reduce this shocking amount of waste.

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Pret a Manger

Not only does Pret a Manger offer quick and relatively affordable healthy food to go, it also offers some really yummy organic coffee. And if you bring your own reusable cup, the baristas will give you $5 off any barista-prepared organic coffees, teas, and hot chocolates. 

Pret a Manger Hong Kong, locations vary

No Milkshake No Life

No Milkshake No Life is a small American-style food outlet that offers some of the best milkshakes in Hong Kong. Bring your own container and stainless steel straw to enjoy a $2 discount off milkshakes with flavours that range from the classic Chocolate and Peanut Butter to the more unique Banana and Taros, or Red Wine boozy shakes. 

No Milkshake No Life, Shop A, G/F Graceful Court, 31 - 37 Hill Road, Shek Tong Tsui, (+852) 6471 3339

Heima Heima

If you're planning on a quick weekend trip to Cheung Chau, then Heima Heima is a cafe you cannot miss. The Japanese-inspired artisan cafe focuses on Japanese tea, but also serves some really good pour-over and cold brew coffee. In an effort to protect the environment, the cafe doesn't offer takeaway cups on Fridays, and also offers a $2 discount to anyone who brings in their own reusable cup, any day of the week. 

Heima Heima, G/F, No.25 Tsan Tuen Road, Cheung Chau, (+852) 6078 3417


With at least one outlet in every district, Starbucks is likely your go-to for a quick cup of coffee, or an icy Frappuccino in the summer. Whichever it is you prefer, you can enjoy a $4 discount by bringing your own reusable tumblers or mugs for each purchase. 

Starbucks Coffee, locations vary

Pacific Coffee

If you're on Team Pacific Coffee rather than Team Starbucks, you can enjoy a $3 discount upon purchase of any coffee beverage just by bringing your own mug or tumbler. We particularly like the cafe's selection of reusable mugs that come with famous inspiring quotes. 

Pacific Coffee, locations vary

TenRen's Tea

Among the many local bubble tea shops in Hong Kong, TenRen’s Bubble Tea managed to secure a spot as the fifth most popular item around the world on Deliveroo in 2018. If you haven't tried this magical milky concoction yet, you can enjoy $1 off your drink simply by bringing your own tumbler. Don't forget your metal straw to slurp up the tapioca pearls with either. 

TenRen's Tea, locations vary

The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics is known for its award-winning coffee which is guaranteed to wash away your Monday blues. You can also enjoy a $3 discount on drinks by bringing along a reusable cup or tumbler, but if you forget to, and still want to help the environment, don't worry, because you can always order a Coffee In A Cone and drink your latte from an ice-cream cone. 

Coffee Academics, locations vary

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Sarah Moran

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong to expat parents, Sarah grew up as your typical third-culture kid, caught between two worlds. As someone who is nosy (or just curious) and loves the written word, there was never any other career that appealed to her as much as journalism. When she’s not busy on her mission to find the line between not enough coffee and too much coffee, you can find her exploring the city or getting stuck in a good book.