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6 Taiwanese instant mix noodles you can buy in Hong Kong

By Gigi Wong 24 October 2019
Header photo credit: 妞新聞

The launch of Kiki Noodles in Hong Kong in 2017 sparked a local craze for Taiwanese instant mixed noodles. Its popularity can be attributed to the fact that the dry noodles are not fried and that no preservatives are added during the production process. With a promise of much lower calories than fried instant noodles, the flavorful and chewy soy sauce noodles make for a perfect combination. We’ve slurped our way around town to bring to you the six best Taiwanese instant mixed noodles you can buy in Hong Kong.

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Photo credit: NIUS news

Tseng Noodles 曾拌麵

Founded by the presenter of a widely-popular Taiwanese gourmet show, Sam Tseng, Tseng Noodles employ a type of wide noodle with scalloped edges that are extremely chewy. The signature Tseng Noodle Scallion With Sichuan Pepper Flavor teems with the delicate aroma of Sichuan peppercorns oil. It boasts a rich soy bump which gives out layers of lusciousness and mild spiciness. It also offers Spicy Sichuan Pepper Flavor for those with a penchant for hotness, as well as Hu Sesame Flavor.

How much: $62.5/pack

Where to buy it: City’super, Ztore, Yata Supermarket

Photo credit: Juksy 街星

Three Meters Noodles 三米拌麵

Three Meters Noodles offers delectable handmade Guan Miao noodles in packs. Its noodles are wavy and elastic to the palate. The mind-blowingly good Three Meters Noodles Shallot Taste has received rave review. Not too salty or pushy, it contains a flawlessly balanced shallot flavour—a perfect accompaniment to the bouncy noodles. Other varieties encompass the Sichuan Pepper Taste, Spicy Taste, and Sesame Taste.

How much: $54.9/pack

Where to buy it: Ztore

Photo credit: NIUS news

Mom’s Dry Noodle 老媽拌麵

Mom’s Dry Noodle is one of the world’s leading Taiwanese instant noodle brands. Employing a naturally-dried and thin Guan Miao noodles, the highlight is that its scallion broth is made with premium Yilan county-produced scallion and dried sea shrimp from Penghu. The sauce, hence, boasts a refreshing scallion flavour with a touch of seafood. Though thin, the noodles are never mushy and instead, have a confident backbone that adds on to its chewiness. There are the Pepper Taste, Sichuan Spice, and Scallion Flavor for you to choose from.

How much: $54.9/pack

Where to buy it: Ztore, City’super, Yata Supermarket, HKTV Mall

Photo credit: 美食寶- 痞客邦

ShuangRenHsu 雙人

Dubbed the “Chanel of the Taiwanese noodles industry”, ShuangRenHsu was founded by the Hsu brothers who inherited superior noodle-making techniques from their grandparents. The brand offers up a few mouth-watering flavours, including Sesame & Peanuts and Spicy, but newcomers dipping their feet into ShuangRenHsu would be wise to try their classic, the Dry Noodles with Tomato and Minced Pork. Though the noodles are formidable, the sauce is the star of the show, each serving boasting a total of five bags—soy sauce, spice oil, garlic powder, sesame, and veggie—to create the perfect sauce. The noodles are flat in shape and give out a delectable chewiness.

How much: $46/pack

Where to buy it: City’super

Photo credit: NIUS news

Kiki Noodles KIKI

Naturally sun-dried in Tainan, Kiki Noodles is famous for its simple production process. Noodles are made using only flour and water, without any preservatives added in, and it’s vegan, too! Served up with a side of homemade sauce, the taste is one of healthiness and non-greasiness. Thin and bouncy, the noodles brim with a natural flour-y fragrance. The Scallions and Pepper flavours were the first to launch, followed by the popular Vinegar Spicy Noodles and Vinegar Noodles.

How much: $68/pack

Where to buy it: Freshmart, Ztore, 7-Eleven

Photo credit: 小拌麵

Xiao Ban Mian 小拌麵

A sub-brand of Mom’s Dry Noodle, the major differences comes in that Xiao Ban Mian employs a thin type of rectangular noodles with a stronger chew. The Traditional Shallot & Scallion Oil Noodle boasts a sweet and savoury shallot and scallion taste that’s not too overwhelming. The brand also launched some innovative flavour rarely seen in the market, including the Sesame Sauce Matcha Noodle and Sesame Oil with Garlic Flavor Thin Noodle – ideal for those who’re a tad fed up by the ordinary ones.

How much: $32.9/pack

Where to buy it: Ztore

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