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Five Minutes With: GJ, co-founder of Gay Night, Oosh

By Sophie Pettit 18 February 2016
We grab five minutes with GJ, co-founder of Oosh - a brand new gay night that is about to take Hong Kong by storm.

Tell us about Oosh.

Oosh is a new gay night with a twist. It will be held Friday night at 45 Pottinger Street, starting with our Grand Opening on February 26. This will be the only venue where you don't feel packed like sardines and where you'll have some decent space to navigate the dance floor. Oosh is co-hosted by Guerrilla Hong Kong, a monthly gay pop-up concept that launched over a year ago, and has gained a massive following in our city.

What inspired you to launch this new gay night?

The Hong Kong gay nightclub scene needs it, because right now it's boring. In 2016, we are all reviving the scene to the level it should be at for the alpha city that Hong Kong is. This city can easily be as much of a gaysian capital as Bangkok and Taipei. I hope that Oosh will be the first step towards making that happen.

What does Oosh offer that other gay nights don't?

Right now, the gay community have nowhere to go to completely release and dance to quality music. Straight clubs have attitude and are just playing the same cheesy pop and electro-dance music. We will have some awesome DJs spinning the decks, including Superstar Janva, an official worldwide DJ for multiple luxury brands who played at the infamous Werk party in Taipei. The Rogers Brothers, who played at the secret "This is BUNKER CLUB" parties will also be making an appearance. We seek to build a friendly place for everyone to love and respect each other, unlike most clubs in Hong Kong which have the wrong attitude of, "You are not a VIP. You are not the one who bought 6 bottles of Champagne. You can't get in." With Oosh we want our guests to really enjoy the champagne, not just use the bottles to show off.

Where does the name Oosh come from?

Oosh is an expression of what people experience when they see or feel exciting or nice things! It's all about freedom of expression, rather than promoting gay propaganda. We want to create a place where people can be themselves and have a great time.

Are dating apps affecting the gay nightlife scene in Hong Kong?

Yes. Dating apps came as a blessing for those who like to meet people from the comfortable bubble they believe they are in. Many of us have lost multiple hours of time chatting with seemingly matching individuals, however, many of us end up disappointed when meeting our cyber love in reality because we have created high expectations which end up being shattered. Meeting people at clubs is part of a reverse trend that is happening and the hot thing to do now. It saves time and is more effective. Let's admit it, what makes our hearts beat faster than walking up to someone you like after your eyes first meet? Those who use dating apps need to find a fun and neutral place to meet up without any strings attached, so why not make this a party where the mood is lightened?
Looking for that "Oosh" feeling? Head to the Grand Opening at 45 Pottinger Street, Central on Friday, February 26. Entry costs $100 and includes one standard drink. Simply RSVP to [email protected] and get on the free guest list before midnight.
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Sophie Pettit


Sophie is always on the lookout for a great story and her next big adventure and loves nothing more than discovering the city’s hidden gems—and most delicious cocktails. When she’s not exploring new places, she’s off travelling and ticking countries off her bucket list.

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