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Fitness Hacks: 5 Ways To Get the Most From Your Gym Membership

By Amanda Sheppard 6 July 2018
Despite the best of intentions, your New Year’s fitness resolution may not have entirely manifested. But that’s okay – there’s still plenty of time left to get yourself fighting fit in 2018. If you’re not a gym-goer, you might find it a daunting process to start. Luckily, there are deals and steals to be had around almost every corner, making it that bit easier to sign up.

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1. Try Before You Buy

This one's a no-brainer. Before you commit to a prolonged period of physical activity, you’ll want to make sure you’ve found a fitness centre that works for you. That’s why most of them offer trial passes, normally varying in length from a day to a week. Check out the equipment, changing rooms, group classes, and any other add-ons that may interest you. Always be sure to ask before assuming your new gym of choice doesn’t offer trial passes – PURE, Fitness First, Goji Studios, and F45 are among the many that do.

2. Phone a Friend

We’ve all got that one friend that’s managed to get into a gym routine and stick to it – if you’re looking for a new gym buddy, they should be your first port of call. Not only do they (probably) know what they’re doing, but signing up to the same gym could actually benefit you both. Friend referrals can also earn you both a discount or access to some great gifts. Joining a group workout class is also an excellent way to stay motivated, make new friends, and have fun while getting into shape. Check out our article on the 5 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes to inspire you to get going.

3. Get Your Timing Right

Bargains can be had around most corners, but if you play your cards at the right time, you’ll find a better deal than most. If a new member quota hasn’t been filled by the end of the month, then gyms and sales personnel are likely to offer you a better deal to get you on board. An added benefit? That’s also right around payday, meaning you won’t miss that monthly expenditure for too long. Some gyms also offer off-peak membership packages, so if you work shifts, late nights, or find yourself with time on your hands mid-afternoon, gyms like CrossFit Typhoon could be perfect for you, with the added benefit of saving you some money, too.

4. Freeze Your Account

Buried somewhere deep inside the T&Cs of your new contract, you might find a clause about absent memberships or frozen accounts. If you’re travelling for a lengthy period of time, find yourself stuck with an injury, or for some reason or another (we’re not here to judge) are ready to put your membership on hold, then make sure to enquire about freezing your account. This entails paying a significantly reduced fee, granted you don’t use any facilities during the allotted time.

5. Be Flexible

If you’re a little fickle with your fitness fads, committing to a fixed-term contract might be too daunting a task – you’re often asked to commit to a year or two, with penalties for cancelling before the term is up. There are options for the commitment-phobic among us, however. Apps like GuavaPass and KFIT offer monthly subscriptions which allow you to take your pick from a range of fitness classes around town. For $699 per month, a KFIT pass will get you up to 10 classes. Payments are on auto-rolling contracts, but can be cancelled at any time with seven days’ notice. With GuavaPass, options range from a month-long, four class package (priced at $588) to 20 class packages (priced at $2,999), which is valid for six months. There are also unlimited packages ranging in duration, with prices starting from $1,588. New joiners benefit from a range of additional promotions, too.
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Amanda Sheppard

Senior editor

Following a brief and bitterly cold stint in Scotland, Amanda returned to Hong Kong—a place she’s called home for over 18 years—to begin her career as a writer. She can often be found getting lost somewhere very familiar, planning her next holiday, and enjoying a cup (or three) of good, strong coffee.

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