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8 Gift Ideas For Mother's Day

By Jenny Leung 8 May 2017
Most mums would be happy with just a phone call or cheap card on their special day (it's the thought that counts after all). But, I say it's exactly because of that humility and inherent sense of giving without expecting anything in return that merits really treating her this year. The ideal Mother's Day gift should really just be something that accommodates you spending time with her, there's no material gift that can replace quality time together after all. So, if you're a bit stuck on how to get the ball rolling, fear not, here are eight unassailably solid ideas for Mother's Day to keep her smiling.

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1. Take her for a picnic

The weather's more or less decided to come good, and picnics are always great. See where we're going with this? Invisible Kitchen's gourmet hampers are a great way to take things up a notch - crisps and sandwiches aren't really that special I've been told. Their new gourmet Family Picnic Hamper ($1,220, available until April 30) is quite formidable, so maybe you and your siblings can all chip in together to opt for this one. First up, you have Crudités (raw vegetable sticks) and hummous with some old favourites – British Cumberland sausage rolls, mini scotch eggs with tomato sauce, and pork pies. If your mum is a classy lady who wouldn't be caught dead with a sausage roll, don't worry, the hamper's thought of that. The classic French ham & cheese toasted sandwich croque monsieur made with award-winning sourdough bread and a decadent touch of black truffle is the fancy imposter of a toastie that she's always dreamed of. We're still not done - there's also free-range chicken drumsticks with crunchy breadcrumbs, myriad sandwiches by way of egg mayonnaise and cress, dehydrated veg & pesto mozzarella, or chicken caesar. Finally, dessert's no slouch either with mini scones, jam and English clotted cream, a mini lemon tart, and chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis. Alternatively, if your mother hates the outdoors...

2. Take her somewhere nice for dinner

Award-winning Singaporean restaurant Satay Inn is putting forward a strong Mother's Day showing with their terrifying-looking, but delicious curry crab (pictured above) and less terrifying, but still delicious ‘ice kachang’ ($668 for both), a traditional dessert of humble street food cart origins to finish the meal and cleanse the palate. Normally, diners can only choose up to four ingredients to create their ice kachang, however, seeing as its Mother’s Day, they've decided to just go nuts and let mothers choose up to ten ingredients. These include classic sweet corn, nipah palm fruit, nata de coco, grass jelly, red and green bean, mixed fruit, chocolate needle, taro, sweet potato, and sago. Alternatively, if she's a hermit...

3. Get her a nice bottle of vino

Sometimes it's best just to keep it simple, and there are fewer pleasures greater than a nice glass of wine and a chinwag. Vino connoisseurs Wine Moments clearly understand this as their Mother's Day special is a great option if you want to keep it low-key. I mean look at this mum in the picture above, she's so delirious with happiness she doesn't even seem cognisant, and she's loving it. Their Mother's Day wine box has two fabulous vinos by way of a riesling brut and a Grenache noir, plus a limited-edition Mother’s Day coaster and a lovely gift box. Best of all, you even get to personalise the coaster, simply select the “Gift Message” option when checking out and leave a note with your name, they will engrave your name on to the coaster. Please note: orders will take up to two business days to process. Alternatively, if the crushing futility of life has rendered her incapable of smiling...

4. Take her clubbing

Comedy clubbing that is. TakeOut Comedy is offering free entry to all mothers on the Saturday leg of its TOC All Stars Weekend on May 13. As well as hilarious TakeOut Comedy mainstays such as Pete Grella, Gus Tate, and Garron Chiu, the winner of the 2007/08 HK International Comedy Competition, Vivek Mahbubani will take the stage, whose good-natured observational humour is always crowd-pleasing. Look at these mums in the picture, they're probably thinking about going to TakeOut Comedy club. That could be your mum. Alternatively, if being as far away from you as possible on Mother's Day is her ideal scenario... 

5. Get her a high-end travel case

Thoughtfully designed and packing a whole host of functionality goodness to go along with their general lushness, TUMI cases and baggage are a super gift for mums who like to travel in style. Best of all, TUMI products can be monogrammed with your mum’s initials, or your own initials, if you want to constantly remind her of the burning disappointment that you are, yay! The whole travel lexicon is covered here, from leather backpacks ($3,590 - $3,790) to luxurious aluminium packing cases from the 19 Degree collection (pictured above) that come in a very motherly, limited edition rose gold colour ($8,590). Alternatively, if your mum's a bit of a showboater....

6. Dream Cruises - The Next Top Moms

Okay, this might take some explaining because I don't think the title is particularly clear. Right, so this a cruise, still with me? If you're on a particular cruise - namely, the one from May 14 to 19 to Okinawa, coinciding with Mother's Day, then you'll have the chance to enter your mum into their inaugural 'The Next Top Moms' competition. It's as ridiculous as it sounds. Your mum can be crowned the first ever 'Mrs Genting Dream' (that's the name of the boat) or 'Karaoke Mom Idol'. Still with me? Surprising. Okay, so the former title encompasses a talent competition - can your mum juggle? Dance? Roll a cigarette with her feet? Do all three at once? Magic. The latter title is fairly self explanatory. So there it is, 'The Next Top Moms'. Good luck with that. Bear in mind, this is only one small aspect of a very nice five-day cruise, that, at $3,919 to $8,699, is pretty good value. Alternatively, if she's a mum with young kids...

7. Silver Cross

Are you a baby and therefore incapable of buying your mother a present or even reading this sentence? Fear not! The good news is that social protocol dictates that Dad needs to step up and fulfil your present-buying obligations until you're a contributing member of society. Dad can fulfil said obligations by getting mum and by extension, you (a baby), the Rolls Royce of prams with the help of Silver Cross' special Mother's Day promotion. From now until May 14, you can pick up the beautiful Balmoral pram - which makes all other prams look like wheelie bins by comparison - for 20% off, coming in at tasty $22,400 (down from $28,000). Alternatively....

8. Did we mention wine?

Let's be honest, it's your safest bet, so it seems worthwhile giving you options, and that's what Bidvino is all about. Their Mother's Day special has some outrageously good wines and bubbles on sale for an extremely reasonable price - you get to look like a big spender when really you've been devilishly savvy. If you're totally skint, then at the bottom end of the spectrum, you can pick up a very drinkable 2014 Canaletto Salento rosé for $75 (down from $100). If you're looking to reach for the top shelf, then look no further than the Rolls Royce of rosé Champagnes, the delectable 2009 Louis Roederer Champagne Cristal Brut Rosé, an absolute steal at $3,000 (usually $4,000). If you're looking to float somewhere in the middle, Bidvino has you covered there as well. Even the most discerning mum will be chuffed with the 2013 Ocean Eight Chardonnay Verve ($199 down from $335), and if she's keen on cooking, you can grab her a beautiful bottle of 2013 Alvaro Palacios Oli D'Olivia Verge Extra Virgin Olive Oil ($169 down from $199) - with a name that long, you know it's good.
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Jenny Leung

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