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How to future-proof your child’s educational toolkit

By Localiiz Branded | 25 May 2022

Header image courtesy of Novalearn

If the past few years has taught us anything, it is that virtual learning is here to stay. Beyond the pandemic-led changes in educational circumstances, the digital sphere has also become a place for the next generation to find themselves via new forms of learning.

Utilising this boundless domain, Novalearn does away with the limitations of today’s education by bringing together a community of learners who are given the chance to let their imagination flourish in a whole new setting. Keen to explore the potential of after-school education in the online age? Novalearn, a STEAM-focused extracurricular learning platform, shares with us how they are getting students ready to face the times to come—and the future is looking bright.

A launchpad for the future

Gearing up for the future is a process that starts early on. Although a regular school curriculum still holds a strong influence over the sorts of academic and even career pathways that are made available to students, there are so many new avenues opening up outside of the classroom that lead to untapped worlds waiting to be explored. 

Introducing all sorts of fascinating subjects to students, Novalearn breaks the mould of traditional learning to encompass a more holistic approach towards education. Dry facts and figures are swapped out for wonder and fun, shifting the future of learning towards one that begins with individual passions and needs.

Equipped with international and critical-minded perspectives, Novalearn’s IB-certified teachers and vetted specialists shape all of their courses according to the global international standard. Depending on the subject, instructors improve upon the most successful and widely used standards and hone in on the advantages or benefits that align with the Novalearn vision. Expanding on the realms of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM), there are plenty of opportunities for project-based teaching that equips children with practical life skills only first-hand experience can give. 

Encouraging curiosity, empathy, and a positive outlook in all its offered classes, Novalearn completely redefines extra-curricular learning for the new generation.

Edutech meets edutainment

One of the greatest things about an online environment is the freedom that comes with learning at your own pace. Bringing this to the next level, Novalearn has created a digital wonderland for children to soak up the joys of learning in their own special way. 

Going beyond what you would encounter at school, Novalearn’s courses demonstrate knowledge through an engaging and creative manner that combines edutainment with gamification. Providing resources that are user-friendly and easy-to-grasp, both parents and students won’t need long to familiarise themselves with the Novalearn domain.

Co-hosted by Helios the puppet—an adorable anthropomorphic star from the universe—Novalearn’s in-house produced videos come with exciting challenges that inspire actions, providing a non-intimidating and incredibly immersive way to gain new ideas and knowledge on anything and everything. 

Gone are the days of repetitive cut-and-dry quizzing that relies on memorisation and rote training. In the future, studying looks to be even more enthralling than gaming!

Novalearn is a strictly kids-only space designed to be secure. All student accounts are represented by whimsical virtual avatars, adding to the playfulness. Since the platform is digitised, parents can also get a glimpse into the analytics from their child’s enrolment so that they can take part in their little one’s learning journey, working together to plan future directions.

More than just studies

Beyond the platform itself, the diverse range of classes and lessons Novalearn presents also offer exciting new fields for young learners to explore. Branching out from its core STEAM subjects, Novalearn’s full catalogue shows a colourful variety that includes everything from the practice of mindfulness, to an entry-level guide to the Procreate app, to the ever-important matter of internet safety and technology awareness.

What’s more, there are plenty of programmes taught by real-life experts that can give a glimpse into the real-world possibilities that await children in the future. What better way to learn an essential skill like cooking than to be taught by a Junior Masterchef, or to go on a trip around the world to learn about the importance of rice in multiple worldwide cuisines?

At the heart of Novalearn is a future-facing attitude that motivates its instructors to lead each and every student’s journey by emphasising individual potential, and giving encouragement through fostering quality skills. By allowing kids the interactive space to choose their own pursuits, they can enjoy the freedom to become anyone they want. 

No matter if their dream is to become a robotics technician, a stem cell researcher, an environmentalist, a videogame designer, or even an app developer, Novalearn is where young learners can find the right resources, community, and guidance to map their way forward. 

Kids can learn to share creative ideas and spark new ones by commenting on each other’s work. Novalearn not only prompts individual passion, but connects kids across different countries with similar interests, building their social skills in a carefree, engaging manner.

Get ready to experience the world of Novalearn right at your fingertips through its upcoming new app this summer! Register now for free and get your exclusive sneak peek into the fun-filled world of Novalearn and a first taste of the edutainment that awaits via Novalearn’s web app, currently accessible through web browsers and iPad.


Redefining learning by setting the bar for education of the future, Novalearn expands the minds of young students through a myriad of interactive ways. Focusing on STEAM learning, with holistic support in the areas of the arts, English, and even life skills, its curriculum is one that provides a strong foundation for your child to go all the way.