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How coronavirus affects Australian university admission for 2020 and 2021

By SEA Sponsored | 1 May 2020

Header image courtesy of Fidel Fernando (Unsplash)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, Australian universities have moved to online learning and will welcome international students back into the country once the country re-opens its borders. But what does this mean for university admissions for the coming term?

Photo credit: Fidel Fernando (Unsplash)

For those students, who are asking the question, “How will I be able to gain admission to Australian institutions?”, you might be relieved to know that the same admission rules and requirements apply, with the only difference being that the timeline to start at the university may change.

Students are still required to submit their results, whether that is the IB Diploma, A-Levels, Higher School Certificate (HSC), or the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE). Plus, those local Hong Kong students who have completed the HKDSE will still have to undertake an English language test, i.e. IELTS and PTE being the two more popular options.

Photo credit: Louis Bauer (Pexels)

Universities are still offering Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) if you meet the criteria. However, as Australian borders are closed, this does mean that international students are currently unable to enter Australian shores on a temporary 500 student visa. Meanwhile, those who are able to enter Australia are subject to a 14-day mandatory quarantine period. When the borders will re-open has yet to be determined, but as the old adage says, “Better to be safe than sorry.” At this point, Australia has over 6,000-plus COVID-19 cases and is still on Stage 4 restrictions, restricting people to their homes in lockdown.

Photo credit: Scott Graham (Unsplash)

How can you prepare during this difficult time? Now is the time for students to consider what it is that they really want to study. For some, this is easy to answer. While some students may harbour specific passions and career choices for years, it might be slightly more complex for others. Research has shown most students often do not know what they want to study initially and may well not be in the same field five years after graduating from their degree.

Photo credit: Pexels

Currently, there are over 500,000-plus international students in Australia, with students from Hong Kong and mainland China accounting for up to 28 percent of the population. This year, it appears unlikely that institutions will travel abroad for recruitment and outreach due to the current situation, but this does not mean that you cannot reach out to them as the international offices are still at work—albeit working remotely.

SEA is able to assist you in making that decision, advising you about various courses available in different institutions. From there, they can assist you with your applications to various institutions and ensure you have everything ready to go as soon as Australia’s borders reopen. Reach out today via their website to explore your options with Australia’s top universities.


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