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5 reasons why Marlborough College Malaysia is our school of choice

By Localiiz Branded | 1 September 2022

Header image courtesy of Marlborough College Malaysia

As parents, we all want to give our children the best possible opportunities in life, which often starts with a premium education. When looking for a good school to shape the learnings of little ones, hopeful parents from Hong Kong, the UK, Singapore, and 40 other countries look to Marlborough College Malaysia (MCM). With its unique curriculum structure, international award-winning performance, small class sizes, and world-class resources, MCM provides your children with the exceptional education they deserve.

Don’t take our word for it alone: Marlborough College Malaysia has been ranked as one of the top 100 schools in the world. Not only do children here meet academic standards in the top two percent globally, but over the past two years, its pastoral care, boarding, and strategic leadership have all won international awards for innovation and leading practice. Read on for the reasons why Marlborough College Malaysia should be your top choice, too.

Photo: Marlborough College Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Malaysia—a home away from home

MCM is located in Johor Bahru, the second-largest city in Malaysia. It’s just 10 minutes away from the Singapore border, and the nearby Changi Airport provides easy access to Hong Kong. Legoland Malaysia Resort is also just a five-minute drive from campus—perfect for rewarding your kids after performing well at school. There’s also the long white sandy beach at Desaru, which is ideal for a short reprieve from the stresses of academia.

You might ask: Why not send your children directly to the UK? But think of the distance, the discomforts away from home! Pupils from Hong Kong will find it easier to adjust to boarding life in Malaysia than in the UK, with the similarities between its cultures and geographical proximity. In cases of emergencies, it is easier to contact parents, and MCM is only a four-hour flight away from Hong Kong. With cheap plane tickets, it’s also much easier to fly home over long weekends or holidays. If your children get homesick, MCM offers a daily selection of Western and Asian dishes to serve Hong Kong pupils familiar flavours from home.

Photo: Marlborough College Malaysia

Exceptional facilities

On-campus facilities are fully equipped. Built on 90 acres of lush sports fields, woods, and tree-lined avenues, MCM has a state-of-the-art theatre, music, art, and sports facilities for children aged three to 18. It even has its own lake for water sports and an organic farm, where children of all ages have the opportunity to help grow fruit and vegetables while learning about ecology, chemistry, and biology.

Photo: Marlborough College Malaysia

Crème de la crème education

It’s not just bells and whistles—deemed as “the only authentic British boarding school in Asia,” the education at Marlborough College Malaysia is on par with its British counterparts. Its student body, consisting of 700-plus boys and girls, is taught and cared for by 120 highly qualified teachers, 90 percent of whom are from the UK. Many live on campus, creating a caring and vibrant community in which your children will thrive.

Courses across MCM are based on British standards and content, enriched with a global perspective. Pupils can develop the confidence, resilience, and skills needed for a happy and fulfilling future by participating in a wide range of physical activities and co-curricular programmes. Its classes in drama, public speaking, and music are exceptional, and the sports resources that MCM offers are unmatched in the region.

Photo: Emily Ranquist (via Pexels)

Opening doors to prestigious institutions

Marlborough College Malaysia offers the IGCSE qualification for 16-year-old pupils and the International Baccalaureate (IB) for 18-year-old pupils. Its students have reached astounding accomplishments, with an average grade point of 35 (out of 45) on their IB tests, which is equivalent to four A grades at A Levels! 20 percent of its students have even gone above and beyond, obtaining 40 points or higher, which has opened doors to the most prestigious universities in the world, including all Russell Group and several Ivy League universities.

Once graduated, most students go on to study in the UK at institutions such as Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics, UCL, and the University of Edinburgh. Some MCM alumni are even currently enrolled in the prestigious Oxbridge institutions. Others elect to pursue further education in the US, Canada, Australia, and beyond. By studying at MCM, your children will soon be joining the ranks of the best and brightest of their generation with their pick of top universities around the world.

Photo: Marlborough College Malaysia

Valuable networks after graduation

As a sister school of Marlborough College in the UK, both schools arrange exchange trips for pupils and teachers each year. In addition, all MCM graduating pupils join the Marlborough Alumni Association, along with peers from the sister school in the UK. Members of this friendship network include the Duchess of Cambridge and many other key figures!

With its state-of-the-art facilities, an exceptional curriculum, and wonderful opportunities for further education, Marlborough College Malaysia is a top-notch British boarding school that’s close to home, providing a world-class education for your kids. 

Interested in seeing what Marlborough College Malaysia has to offer? MCM will be hosting an admissions event starting at 6 pm on Thursday, 1 December, at the China Club in Central. Those who are planning to attend are required to register in advance.

Please email [email protected] to receive more information.

Marlborough College Malaysia

Marlborough College Malaysia is a top British boarding and day school in Johor, Malaysia, catering to pupils aged three to 18 from all over the world. Its campus is situated on a 90-acre, purpose-built site that includes an organic farm, golf driving range, and lake for watersports. Its pastoral care and outstanding facilities promote an environment where a child’s unique gifts and talents can be discovered.