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Dynamic Female Entrepreneurs Take Over ShoppingHongKong!

By Promotions 29 September 2017
Exciting news everyone, ShoppingHongKong has now officially been acquired by two dynamic female entrepreneurs who are on a mission to re-invent the way we shop for niche lifestyle brands. ShoppingHongKong, as the name suggests, a company that has been running luxury shopping bazaars in Hong Kong Island for more than 15 years now has new owners. Mrs Shalini Melwani, the previous managing director has sold her business to two aspiring female entrepreneurs Pavleta Petrova and Bojana Péquignot. Pavleta and Bojana, with their background in luxury lifestyle, digital marketing and fashion plan to re-shape and revamp the company into a modern platform for brands to share, promote and connect with their customers. “We are extremely excited to be taking over ShoppingHK, a company that has built a great reputation and became a leader in organising events, giving small and medium businesses vast opportunities to present themselves to a broader audience and get the brand recognition and exposure they need. Mrs Melwani's great business practice and strong media relationships have allowed us to smoothly follow where she left off and we will continue to provide the best possible service and experience for both the vendors and shoppers. As Mrs Melwani has moved on to teaching parenting classes at Gordon parenting we want to use this opportunity and wish her the best of success in her future business endeavours. “ ShoppingHongKong is currently working on expanding its locations, as well as adding an online platform focusing on shopping and lifestyle. The company is also sourcing to present new exciting lifestyle and fashion brands and will organise their first holiday event of the season on the November 1 at the American Club in Tai Tam.

5 Minutes with Pavleta and Bojana

Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Bojana: After graduating in marketing from a business school in London, I wanted to pursue my ambition of working in a dynamic environment and realised that Hong Kong will be the perfect place to pursue my passion for luxury brand management and public relations. My first job here was in financial PR before being assigned as a marketing director for Andante and Louvre gallery, the renowned Italian luxury furniture and interior design company. I have also been a global manager to a niche Danish brand for 2 years before deciding to focus on digital marketing and starting my own boutique consultancy firm Bo Consulting, which both came in the same time as the acquisition of ShoppingHongKong. In the little spare time I find between running two businesses, I love to do fitness, jog on the Bowen Road to get some fresh ideas, and wine and dine with my friends.
Pavleta: I have always been attracted to striking outfits and style since a young age, and running few family boutiques in my hometown in Bulgaria before I left to pursue the dream of graduating in Italy, has certainly helped me learn how to interact with clients and the importance of delivering perfection. After graduating in Interlinguistic and Intercultural Studies in the University of Florence, I moved to Hong Kong, where in the first few years, I dedicated all my energy to the most important jobs of all, being a mother. I founded Stylish Sisters in 2012 with the intention of helping other women learn the secrets of Style, Colour, Make Up, Neat Wardrobes and Smart Shopping. I have recently started my own style blog,, where I can share ideas with a larger audience. The acquisition of ShoppingHongKong is a great integration to my existing business and I am very glad that I was given this wonderful chance. Beside my obvious business minded nature, I love dedicating time to my family and to our loving sausage dog, Vittorio as well as to yoga, gym and a bit of Muay Thai for tension release.

What was the motivation behind the acquisition ShoppingHongKong?

Bojana: Pavleta and myself have always been involved in events in our previous work, her as a stylist and myself as a marketing manager/director. In fact, we have already started organising events for small premium brands before we met with Mrs. Melwani, the previous owner of SHK at one of her bazaars and saw a great opportunity to take on her business. We both believe that there is a big potential for growth of SHK and overall shopping bazaars for promotion of unique brands and added exposure. There is a large gap in the HK market within the big global luxury brands and the super cheap bargains. What we want to do, by promoting the premium small producers is fill this gap in the market and bring the best of unique, high quality, fairly priced goods to our customers.

What's in store for the future of ShoppingHongKong?

There are so many things in the pipeline for SHK in the upcoming few months. Apart from expanding into new locations and venues in Hong Kong we are In plans to bring a much better experience for shoppers and our vendors by introducing new brands, adding entertainment, styling lounges and much more. Just come and join our next event in the American Club on the 1 of November to discover the new face of SHK events!

...Joining the event on November 1st at American Club?

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