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Discover new activities in Hong Kong with LetsGO App

By Sponsored content 15 November 2019
Need a push to help expand your social circle? Want to find people who like the same activities as you? LetsGO is a brand-new mobile app where you can broadcast your hobbies and join existing activities and events to meet like-minded people from around the city. Whether it’s a new water sports class that you want to take on, or if you’re just looking to hang out with new friends and bond over shared interests, LetsGO can help.

All-in-one interface

Easier than spending hours scrolling through social media for something to do this weekend, LetsGO’s main page showcases a clean design that keeps your events organised. Browse through the invitations you’ve received, chat with activity pals, find new things to do, or tell the world about your upcoming activity—all in one place. 

Let's Go App

Setting up

Discovering new events requires nothing more than setting up your profile. Begin by creating an account and choosing your activity preferences. Be it museum visits, kids’ play dates, professional networking, horse races, hiking, or beach BBQs, select all of the activities you would want to participate in and connect with people with similar interests!

Find your activity

Done with setting up? Hop onto the Discover page to find activities that align with your interests all around Hong Kong. You can even create your own activity or event on the Broadcast page. Connect better with some one-on-one time? Feel more comfortable in a large group? Made for introverts and extroverts alike, you have the power to decide how big your gathering is. After you find your activity partners, LetsGO allows you to talk to them in the activity’s chat room, so you can discuss the details of your hang-out.

Have fun!

No matter if you’re a tourist on a short-term visit to Hong Kong, locals looking to connect over your favourite activities, or expats hoping to venture out of your comfort zone and meet people in your new home, the app was developed by Hongkongers to help bring people together. LetsGO is available for download now on Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. Get ready to meet new friends this summer!
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