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What we’re watching on Netflix Hong Kong this February 2023

By Celia Lee 31 January 2023

Header images courtesy of Netflix

February is the month of love. If lovebirds are looking for an entertaining line-up of content to binge-watch this season, or if the next Galentine’s Day party is coming up, Netflix has got new releases that are perfect for the occasion. Get ready for over-the-top romance and classic rom-coms with a sprinkle of sci-fi and horror in the mix.

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Your Place or Mine 

What better way is there to kickstart your February Netflix binge than with a romantic comedy starring Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher? Your Place or Mine follows the story of two best friends and their journey towards love as they swap homes for a week. It is the perfect feel-good rom-com to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. 

The Exchange 

Now, here is something different for those who are not in the mood for the Valentine’s Day craze. Inspired by real events, The Exchange is a brand-new Netflix series that tells the incredible story of how two women took control of the stock market in 1980s Kuwait against the corruption and heavy masculinity that ruled the industry back then.

In Love All Over Again 

In Love All Over Again (Todas Las Veces Que Nos Enamoramos) details the less-than-successful love story of Julio and Irene, who have been falling in and out of love ever since they met at a movie premiere in 2003. However, their story is not your usual romance. After the constant make and break of their relationship, the viewer is left to wonder if Julio and Irene will ever find their happy ending as Irene writes their love story into a screenplay.

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Eva Lasting 

A heart-warming comedy series, Eva Lasting (La Primera Vez) follows the story of Eva, who is the first girl to be enrolled into an all-boys school in 1970s Colombia—think James Maguire in Derry Girls, but even better. Subverting stereotypes and breaking conventions, new joiner Eva causes a storm in a school of teenage boys in this coming-of-age series. Little do they know their crush has a secret she is not yet willing to tell.

Love to Hate You 

Love to Hate You (연애대전) is a new K-series following the love-hate relationship between attorney Yeo Mi-ran and actor Nam Gang-ho. With neither party believing in love, you might think this romance series is going nowhere, but as usual, K-drama magic can make the least compatible characters work out romantically. Stay tuned to see how Mi-ran and Gang-ho’s love battle evolves into the ultimate love story.

Crash Course in Romance 

Crash Course in Romance (일타 스캔들) is set in an elite hagwon (학원; private tutor centre) district in Korea and details the story of a celebrity maths tutor and a former national athlete. It is a heartwarming story about love, family, and what it means to pursue your dreams in a world where exam scores determine your future. With encounters just a little too coincidental to be true, this is a feel-good rom-com you will love to watch. 

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Red Rose 

Red Rose is a 2022 British horror series that is coming to Netflix Hong Kong in February. Set in the northern town of Bolton, the story follows a group of teenagers as their lives are slowly taken over by a strange app. If you’re in for some cringy dialogue and over-the-top teen drama about the effects of social media, this one’s for you.

All the Places 

If you’re not a fan of rom-coms, how about a heartfelt family drama to tide you over the lovey-dovey season of Valentine’s Day? All the Places (A Todas Partes) is a quirky Mexican comedy about two estranged siblings who are reunited after their father’s death. Uncovering long-lost memories and promises from their childhood, follow brother and sister as they embark on a motorcycle ride across the country.

A Girl and an Astronaut 

If you’re a sucker for romance that endures over time, A Girl and an Astronaut (Dziewczyna i kosmonauta) is the perfect series for you. An astronaut who disappeared for 30 years suddenly returns to his old life. As he tries to rekindle a love lost to time and space, a corporation is determined to figure out why the man has not aged during his time away.

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Celia Lee

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Celia is passionate about culture, food, and different happenings in the city. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her scouting for new and trendy restaurants, getting lost in a bookstore, or baking up a storm at home.