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What to watch this summer based on your favourite pastime

By Localiiz Branded | 20 July 2021

Having ticked everything off our summer bucket lists, from picturesque hikes to offbeat activities like indoor fishing, we’ve racked up a plethora of experiences to look back on fondly, some more so than others of course. As each passing day continues to grow hotter and hotter with sweltering heat, and everyone seems to be on the lookout for fun that doesn’t leave you soaked in sweat. Keeping it simple never goes wrong, and having a sit down with some stellar movies and series is just the way to go. With a spanking new selection from Now E, featuring HBO titles exclusive only on Now in Hong Kong—here’s what to keep an eye out for on the small screen this summer, based on your favourite pastimes!

Brunch: Gossip Girl

No brunch is complete without mimosas, avocado toast, and piping hot tea—and no, we don’t mean the liquid kind. Aside from a weekly catch-up, brunch is exactly the time to trade gossip amassed over the course of nights spent partying prior. Nurse your hangovers by grabbing another drink to settle in, and following the drama and scandals orbiting the cast of upper East side elites on the all-new Gossip Girl.

Looming over fans of the original series for almost a decade now, this revival of the iconic teen drama introduces an updated cast of upper-crust youth who are tasked with navigating a new set of social decrees. In past years, rapid transformation in forming online communities thrusts the show into an entirely different ballpark, and it no longer takes being Serena van der Woodsen herself to publish Instagram boomerangs of well-rehearsed rosé toasting rituals over trendy breakfast-style sharing plates.

Staycations: The White Lotus

There’s no better time than now to embrace the adage of “be a tourist in your own city,” and staycations are just the thing to capture that wayfaring feel. The sensation of flopping into a bed with a pile of billowy pillows after wading your way through dazzling pools overlooking the city sure turns familiar territory on its head to shine in a new light.

For another perspective on vacationing, tune into the brand-new black comedy mini-series The White Lotus while you settle into your new abode for the night. Spanning over the course of a week that only grows stranger day by day, the show follows a group of guests and staff of a resort in beautiful Hawaii. Surrounded by sun and sea, picture-perfect company, and peppy staffers at your beck and call, what could possibly go wrong?

Playing video games: Tenet

Worlds within video games are limitless places, allowing full immersion into new possibilities that at times feel more real than the world we are surrounded by. A medium that transcends the boundaries of storytelling, gaming is incredible in allowing us to experience time and place in ways never before encountered.

No stranger to warping our perceptions of time and space, Christopher Nolan’s 2020 feature Tenet is a movie that unfolds in a manner much like a video game. Equipped with the word “tenet” as his only tool, a CIA secret agent must learn to manipulate the passing of time to prevent a deadly attack from happening in the future. Sounds like a quest we are on board for.

Listening to true crime stories: Traffickers: Inside the Golden Triangle

The classic image of scary stories being exchanged around a crackling bonfire is one firmly burned into the pop culture zeitgeist of summer. Though no tale of horror is as chilling as the ones spun from real life, which is precisely one of the reasons fuelling the appeal of true crime. Following the birth and flourishing of the illicit hard drug trade across Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, the documentary series Traffickers: Inside the Golden Triangle will expose the true tales behind three infamous Southeast Asian kingpins.

Premiering 23 July, it has collected exclusive archive footage alongside rare interviews conducted with members of the drug lords’ circles, enforcement agents, and the families of victims. Immersive recreations were filmed on location, in the original historic sites where the “Opium King,” the “Mekong River Pirate,” and the “Playboy Drug Lord” have graced. No true crime enthusiast should miss out on this gritty tell-all.

Escape rooms: No Sudden Move

What makes taking part in an escape room particularly exhilarating must be the unpredictability of not only the puzzles, but also amongst the players. It doesn’t necessarily take being the fittest, or being an expert in every field to unlock the path to the exit. Collaboration is key, as you are never sure of who could be the one to unravel the entire setup.

No Sudden Move is an HBO GO exclusive release that perfectly captures the feeling of having to rely on your teammates despite rising tension. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and featuring a star-studded cast, the story revolves around an ensemble of criminals in 1954 Detroit, who were brought together by a mysterious plot to swipe an important document. As the heist goes awry, twists and turns start to bring to the surface some of the city’s dark secrets.

Sports: The 2020 Tokyo Olympics

It is believed that honing a new skill takes over 4,000 hours. Mastering a sport may require the same amount of time in practice, but how about mental strength it requires? After the hardships of last year, the 2020 Summer Olympics is finally due to be held between 23 July until 8 August 2021. Having been postponed since March 2020, this lap of the world’s most epic sports event isn’t simply a grandstand to showcase the best athletes, but also a testament to the tenacity of the human spirit in fighting adversity.

During the 2021 run, we will get to witness 339 events in 33 different kinds of sports, encompassing 50 disciplines in total. New additions, that have been highly anticipated, include surfing, sport climbing, skateboarding, karate, men’s baseball, as well as women’s softball.

Movie marathons: Your choice of blockbusters

Everybody loves a good movie, or even better, a double feature. If you are the person who delights in continuing to press play when the credits roll, a movie marathon is exactly the highlight for your summer. Whether you are tackling the whole Marvel cinematic universe solo, sifting through this year’s Oscar winners, or hosting a movie night with friends—having a good time is guaranteed.

Transforming your home into a VIP cinema has never been so easy. All you need to do is simply dim the lights and drop as low as $22 on Now E for a session with your favourite movie. With an exhaustive list of options, there are endless possibilities to the movie night themes to curate for.

A time for casual cheer, summertime fun shouldn’t come with strings attached. At only $99 a month, the Now E Entertainment Combo Plus pass allows you access to series and specials exclusive to HBO GO. Act fast and register free with the code TOKYO2020VE before 9 August 2021 for complimentary streaming of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and get a free movie rental voucher as an exciting bonus!

Now E

Whether on the go or whilst chilling at home, Now E is your go-to for the freshest entertainment. Jam-packed with everything from award-winning TV shows, to blockbuster hits, and even streams of your favourite sport, Now E has got you covered. Pay as you go, and stop whenever you want, with simple package plans that leave no loose ends hanging.

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