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8 best band rooms and jam studios in Hong Kong

By Gabrielle Caselis 16 July 2021

Header image courtesy of Half An Hour Studio

We’re all familiar with the phrase “Practice makes perfect”. While that’s true when polishing up any skill, it’s almost impossible to become a masterful instrumentalist from home without receiving complaints from your neighbours. Just as nine-to-five workers head to an office to work, picking up and practising an instrument should also take its own space.

If you’re reading this and don’t think you have the musical ability to “pull this off,” don’t click away just yet. Gather your musically talented friends and join them as they jam and enjoy their performance for an audience—of even just yourself. With restaurants and bars slowly integrating live music back into their nightly programming, musicians are not completely back and settled in on stage. Until then, host a jam night with your friends! Book an hour or two (overnight even!) at one of these band rooms and jam studios in Hong Kong to scratch the itch of experiencing live music.

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Simply Rock Studio

When you think of music rehearsal spaces and band rooms, you are automatically led to think of industrial and old commercial buildings. While these buildings are overlooked and usually gathered in a particular area of town, Simply Rock Studio’s spaces are widely spread across Hong Kong. With multiple locations in Kowloon and New Territories, musicians need not carve out extra time to get their regular practice in the city.

Offering standardised service quality and a solid range of borrowable instruments, musicians can easily hop from one space to another without dealing with the stress of working with unfamiliar equipment. On top of that, their steady and affordable hourly rates ($120 in most locations) will make you a returning customer.

Simply Rock Studio, locations around Kowloon and Territories

Photo: Parkland Music Institute

Parkland Music Institute

As Hong Kong’s leading music school, the institution strives to create a space where students can learn music and performance as a fun, exciting, and fulfilling pursuit. Apart from offering a spectrum of music theory and instrumental courses, the music school organises performances, thus opening band rooms for rent, for students and the public. Despite the Parkland Music Institute’s dominating local presence, note that only select branches have band rooms for rent. To know if the Parkland Music branch near you has rental band rooms, click here.

Parkland Music Institute, locations in Kowloon and New Territories

Star Music

Located in Kwai Fong, Star Music is a one-stop shop for musicians. It provides customers with repair services, instruments for purchase, and of course, band rooms for rent. If you think about it, it’s perfect for all your needs! While you are practising with your friends, you might opt to upgrade your own personal equipment after trying what’s provided—and you can do so in-house. Star Music even offers performance gear for sale—like in-ear monitoring (IEM) earphones, pick-ups for acoustic guitars—for when you want to take your songs on stage!

Star Music, Room D, 13/F, Wing Hong Factory Building, 18–26 Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung | (+852) 3172 1764

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Wave Music Studio

Let’s make it official—if you have been practising and want to host a performance or record your music, this studio is the place to do it. Even for hosting private music parties to mini-concerts, people from the industry recommend Wave Music Studio! Musical artists from all over flock here for an experience like no other—the high ceilings, stage lights, and iconic (and expensive) guitars hanging on the wall. It’s like our very own Abbey Road Studios in Hong Kong!

Wave Music Studio, Unit F & G, Basement, Phase 2, Kwun Tong Industrial Center, 470 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong | (+852) 6088 7989

Photo: Tom Lee

Tom Lee

Yes, retail therapy can also be applied to shopping in music stores! As Hong Kong’s largest music retailer, Tom Lee presents a full line of instruments. With the help of their knowledgeable staff, any shopper will find an instrument that is best suited to their budget, aesthetic preferences, and playing level. 

If you think Tom Lee has already covered it all, you shouldn’t be surprised to know that they have a recording venue (which also functions as a band rehearsal space). Although it is used mostly by solo artists and bands, there’s no reason for non-professionals to use this, too. Expect to use studio-quality instruments and equipment here.

Tom Lee, Shop G02, Olympian City 3, 1 Hoi Wang Road, Tai Kok Tsui | (+852) 2886 5038

310 Studio

Located in the commercial maze that is Mong Kok is 310 Studio. The establishment is segmented into four tight but well-equipped rehearsal rooms. Despite its small space, the place is busy with local musicians coming in and out! It’s a comfortable and well-loved space by instrumentalists and singers alike. Perfect your craft here if you waiting to unlock a huge and impact yet balanced sound from your playing. Rooms are designed with all the necessary components to unleash your inner rock star!

310 Studio, Room 310, 3/F, Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 6627 5898

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Zuk Studio

As the leading rehearsal studio in Hong Kong’s local music industry, Zuk Studio only provides the best quality services and equipment. With their aesthetically and functionally designed rooms, musicians will feel like they are performing at the world’s biggest stadiums. 

How they are able to this is through investing in studio quality monitors! By applying the monitoring used in stages in their band rooms, Zuk Studio is able to unlock a sound that can be eye-opening to many. It is important even in small space rehearsals to be sure to hear yourself and other instruments clearly. This kind of attention to detail is what will differentiate you as a music player. After that, you’ll be able to gain a sense of blending sounds, a mix that is unique to yourself. Book online today here.

Zuk Studio, Room 311, 3/F, Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 2395 3332

Band room A. Photo: Half An Hour Studio

Half An Hour Studio

Music is a universal language. In the same way, music is globally understood as entertainment and for players’ enjoyment. One instrumental aspect that tends to be overlooked by music listeners is a musician’s playing environment. Music players understand that one’s set-up determines how you approach and create music. Built by a dedicated team of musicians, Half An Hour Studio understands what it takes to propel rehearsal adrenaline to a stage high. This contributes to their success and continuous stride in supporting and promoting local musicianship.

Half An Hour Studio, Room 1 & 2, 12/F, Prosper Commercial Building, 9 Yin Chong Street, Mong Kok | (+852) 3575 3858

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Strumming a few tunes on the guitar or trying to connect her Spotify playlist to the sound system is what you’ll find Gabrielle doing in most social situations. She is a homebody and the way to her heart is good food and good company. Apart from music, she spends her time watching and reading up on all there is to know about pop culture.

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