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The Color Run Bursts on the Hong Kong Scene

By Localiiz 8 December 2014
December 8th by Brian Adams KaMun Yau’s toothy white grin spread from ear to ear after she was hit in the face with a cup of pinkish/purplish corn starch in the middle of her 5k stroll. Laughing and walking with friends, Yau couldn’t wait to see what color was going to be thrown her way at the next kilometer marker. This is what it’s like to run in the Happiest 5k on the Planet, officially known as The Color Run. Roughly 16,000 runners joined Yau at the AsiaWorld-Expo as they ambled, walked, and generally took their time snapping selfies on their phones and capturing images of a vibrant scene as plumes of colored powder filled the air around them. Feeding the good-natured vibe of the event was the knowledge that The Color Run would also be assisting two local community projects: Tung Chung Safe and Healthy City and the Lantau Area Development Alliance. Check out the colourful action below in our Color Run slideshow.  

Photo by KaMun Yau



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