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Need to book an hourly hotel or workspace while on the go? You need Flow.

By Flow Branded | 25 September 2019

Customisation and personalisation is the name of the game in 2019. We have seen customisable sneakers, direct-to-fabric printing in the fashion industry, vehicle configurations in the automobile industry, and even in e-commerce. But what if you could make last-minute customisations to your experience whilst travelling or on-the-go?

What is the problem with our hospitality industry?

Given the fast-paced nature of Hong Kong as a hub of international commerce, you bet there is a lot of travelling to be done. No matter how much coffee you drink, on-the-go humans still need to rest, even if it means a few short hours here or there between work. Hotels and workspaces have recognised this market need, and they have started to adapt to it by offering hourly hotel room and office space bookings for business and leisure travellers, we’re talking affordable, high-quality rooms and space that can be booked for as long, or as short, as you like!You should have noticed by now how the coworking space industry is on the rise in Hong Kong, there are practically coworking spaces every few blocks! The initial purpose of these spaces is to provide a flexible work solution for anyone who needs it, so you don't have to be renting an office space monthly to be able to fully utilise them. Same with hotels, they have all these rooms waiting to be occupied, you don't necessarily have to spend the night there in order to account for making full use of the hotels.

Book spaces for leisure

Regardless of whether you are a tourist travelling for fun or someone who lives in the city, there are times when (surprisingly) an hourly hotel booking comes in handy. A mid-day nap, for example, between a hectic day of meetings, or just a place to refresh up before heading out for the night if going back home isn’t an option. Customers can enjoy the flexible duration of use by booking short-term timeslots instead of a full-day. This means you only pay for the exact amount of time you use the room for at lower prices, saving up to 75 percent, compared to a full-day booking. For travellers on a budget and tight itineraries or residents with full schedules, this is an ideal solution.Leisure travellers and residents may be looking for hourly hotels bookings for:

  • Stopovers between flights
  • A convenient place to take a nap after shopping
  • Quick recharge from hours of travelling around town
  • Photo-shooting or interviews with thematic room settings
  • Lunch break or daybreak between split shifts
  • Spontaneous weekend staycations

Book spaces for work

Let’s face it, businessmen who frequently travel for work have to acknowledge the undeniable truth that it is tough to be productive on the road. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try! Co-working spaces are now offering solutions for short-term workspace needs, with day passes and hot desks available for walk-in guests. These create an efficient working space in a serviced office for those who are constantly on-the-go. With WiFi and (hopefully) unlimited coffee on hand, maybe you’ll even get down to networking with the people around you if you feel like it.

A co-working space is the perfect workspace solution for business travellers who:

  • Spend a lot of time travelling between meetings that you have no time to focus on work
  • Look for a place nearby to touch up the presentation deck or send an email before a client meeting
  • Want a quiet environment to take calls or join Skype conference
  • Get a request from a client who just arrived in town to meet up

How do I know what’s available in this instant?

With so many options to choose from, how do you know what spaces are available right now without searching through individual hotels and co-working spaces for their rates? We’d suggest using the Flow app. Flow is the “platform for space”, an all-in-one platform providing a seamless experience to help travellers book hourly hotel rooms and office spaces to work or rest for less than a day. Through Flow, you can book your daytime hot desk or workspace for a few hours to half a day from the comfort of your palm. It is as easy and accessible as a few clicks with instant confirmation.But just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean you’re out to splurge. Flow offers some of the lowest prices for instant confirmation bookings with hotels in Hong Kong. No more queuing and back-and-forth enquiries with this one-stop solution! Flow is the easiest way to become familiar with the concept of the “timeslot hotel”. Plus, you can conveniently reserve rooms at the very last minute, with the same low costs and flexibility. As Flow puts it: “Why book for the whole day if you only need to stay for just a few hours?” FlowTo learn more about Flow and where to download the app, click here.


Flow is the all-in-one app platform built for busy urbanites and travellers to book hourly hotel rooms and office spaces to work or rest for less than a normal day.