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5 places to get the best cookies in Hong Kong

By Ching Yuen 23 December 2019

Yesterday, we were really, really wanted cookies, and today, we’re writing a cookie round-up after eating cookies for lunch (it’s fine, it’s allowed). What’s the lesson behind this short story? Don’t be ashamed of your sweet cravings and follow your (sweet-scented) dreams

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Cookie DPT

Perhaps the most popular cookie store amongst the youngsters, Cookie DPT is definitely dominating the online cookie scene. Their American-style cookies are freshly baked and crisp on the outside while decadently moist and chewy on the inside. Each cookie weighs a generous 130 grams (in comparison, most stockist cookies are 100 grams) and each batch is made to order in the morning and delivered directly to your doorstep. Now that’s one thick cookie!

Cookie DPT has a menu of seven staple flavours, as well as seasonal flavours available at different pop-ups, the most recent being the Red Velvet Matcha Ganache Cookie ($40), which is sold at Landmark during the Christmas season. If you can wait until you are home to enjoy, heat up the cookie slightly so the ganache oozes out when you break it in half—we guarantee it’s the ultimate way to enjoy it!

Cookie DPT, locations across Hong Kong

Baked goods at Bakehouse


All of the baked goods in Bakehouse are handmade every day with fine flour from the traditional Suire Mill in France by a team of passionate and highly skilled bakers and pastry chefs, led by ex-Four Seasons Patisserie Chef Grégoire Michaud. Their Cookies ($20) comes in three flavours, peanut butter, double chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. Dense and chewy, these cookies are perfect for dunking into a cold glass of milk!

Bakehouse, 14 Tai Wong Street East, Wan Chai

Stack of Mrs Field's Cookies

Mrs Fields Cookies

Oh, Mrs Fields, the queen of our hearts. When the enticing scents of Mrs Fields Cookies come a-calling, there is nothing to do but answer. We still remember the feeling of walking into the MTR station after a particularly gruelling day at school and having the scent of freshly-baked cookies demand that we go and buy a few to take home. Years later, they’re still as undeniable.

The chain store’s regularly-sized Soft Cookie ($15) is still the best for those who like cookies that melt in your mouth, striking a fine balance between the thick chewy American-style cookies and the thin crispy ones. If you’re just feeling a bit peckish, you can always opt for a box of their Mini Cookies to satisfy your occasional sweet cravings!

Mrs Fields, locations across Hong Kong

More stories for the sweet tooths

Rows of Cookie Boy cookies

Cookie Boy

Having accumulated years of experience as the Executive Pasty Chef of JW Marriot and The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong, Ryan Zimmer founded his own brand, Cookie Boy, in Aberdeen to develop his premium handcrafted cookies and other baked goods. One of our favourites, Birthday Cake Cookie ($20), is everything an American-styled cookie should be: crispy on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle. We heard that their macarons are just as good too, so be sure to try out some along the way.

Unfortunately, this one requires a little bit of planning ahead, as you can’t just waltz into a shop on a whim to try these sweet morsels, but you can order them online and have them delivered to you. Perhaps just in time for a post-lunch treat?

Baked goods at Fineprint


Next to a glass of milk, a cup of coffee is a cookie’s best friend. Fineprint has the best combo of quality coffee and chunky cookies for a lazy afternoon. Their Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie ($30) makes us want to go back for it again and again. Nailing the perfect degree of sweetness, you can find huge chunks of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of salt to balance it out. Did we mention how aesthetic their stores are as well?

Fineprint, locations across Hong Kong

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Ching Yuen


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