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Simply Bleak

By Localiiz 22 May 2014
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From the Streets: We Talk to British Urban Artist D*Face at Hong Kong’s First Street Art Festival May 21st 2014: To welcome HKWalls, Hong Kong's first street art festival, we grabbed a quick chat with visiting British painter D*Face about Hong Kong’s infantile urban art scene and his first solo exhibition in Asia.  

Don’t Let Life Pass You By – Video Encourages the Digital Generation to Look Up May 21st 2014: It’s a common sight in Hong Kong to see people walking down the street, eating in restaurants or even sitting in a bar with friends while completely absorbed by their mobile phones. But what is the result of spending every waking minute immersed in our technology? Unhappiness and loneliness, according to YouTube newcomer Gary Turk.  

The New Postcard: Around The World In 360° Selfies May 21st 2014: Think you’re awesome at selfies? Think again! Meet Alex Chacón, who’s created the world’s most epic selfie video, a compilation of his travels through 36 countries in 600 days as part of the Modern Motorcycle Diaries.  

Star Gazing – Photographer Brings Out the Beauty of Hong Kong’s Night Sky May 21st 2014: We’re lucky to have an abundance of talented photographers in Hong Kong, but for reasons of light pollution and the ever-present smog, not many train their lenses any higher than the top of the ICC. Not so however for astronomy enthusiast and multi-media creator Mew Chu.  

Human Nature - Michael Wolf is Back at it Again with 'Hong Kong Flora' May 13th 2014: When we last checked in with prolific Hong Kong photographer Michael Wolf, we dove straight into exploring his project Hong Kong Trilogy, the first of his intended series of nine books on the city's vernacular culture. To coincide with the launch of this month's Chai Wan Mei Festival, Wolf has released the latest offering, Hong Kong Flora.  

Panoramic City: Photographer Creates Interactive 360° Experience of Hong Kong May 2nd 2014: With the panoramic function being a staple on iPhones and Androids alike, almost anyone can now take panoramic pictures. But not everyone can do it quite as well as self-taught Hong Kong photography enthusiast Wong Chi Chuen, who we stumbled across on 360 Cities, a website that acts like a fancy high-def Google Street View.  
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