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Beat the Frizz: Ask the Hair Stylist

By Sponsored content 9 March 2017
As the humidity percentage slowly begins to creep up during these muggy March days, a look of dread sweeps over the faces of the city's fairer sex - frizz attack is back! But before we all panic and hide our once luscious locks under a baseball cap (or whatever style of hat takes our fancy), there is a saving grace, and head stylist Alfio Faro from internationally acclaimed hair salon Jean Louis David is here to rescue the day.

Is frizz the biggest issue Hong Kongers face when it comes to their hair?

Yes, frizzy hair is a big issue for people in Hong Kong, and is often caused by using the wrong shampoo. People tend to just go to the supermarket and buy shampoo because of the convenience, but they don't realise that it might not be suitable for their hair type. The build-up of chemicals from hair products also has an effect on the scalp and condition of the hair, often leading to a dry, frizzy mane. Then there is the Hong Kong climate and the issue of humidity which we all know can take its toll on our locks.

How can we tackle the frizz? 

The good news is there is an effective way to deal with this problem - and the answer is keratin. If you want to have healthy and shiny hair, it is important to provide nutrition to it, and you can do this by having a Super Smooth Keratin treatment which works to fight against frizz by providing shininess, filling the damaged structure of the hair, and boosting its overall condition. [caption id="attachment_86719" align="alignleft" width="255"] Keratin Therapy home products[/caption]

How exactly does keratin work?

Keratin is a fibrous protein found naturally in the hair, which acts as a protective shield against humidity. The hair loses keratin when it is exposed to the sun and the polluted environment, which gradually leads to split ends, and frizzy and fragile hair. What the keratin does is refill the loss of the protein and repair the structure of the hair, while nourishing each strand of hair, inside and outside. The result is smoother, shinier, and stronger hair that is resistant to frizz. This effect can be maintained by using products at home that contain keratin.

How long does this treatment take and what is the process?

The Super Smooth Keratin treatment takes around 1.5 hours to complete and the effects last up to four months. The first step is to apply a cleansing shampoo to deeply cleans the hair, while gently massaging the scalp. Then, the first treatment is applied - the deep repair mask, which contains the most keratin. This is left on for a few minutes to allow it to penetrate the hair’s inner fibre and fill in any gaps that need filling. It's then rinsed out. Next, the second mask is applied - intense hydration, which works on the hair’s outer fibre. It smooths the cuticles and locks the product inside the hair. After that, the hairstylist will do a blow dry to coat the hair and use a heated tool to allow the keratin to set.

And how can we avoid frizzy hair due to over-colouring?

Well, the keratin treatment can also be used to nourish and replenish over-treated hair, which has become dry and damaged due to excessive chemical build-up from dye. However, for those looking to colour their hair, we have an effective solution that overcomes this problem - our newly launched Organic 23 Hair Coloring treatment. This is Hong Kong's first organic hair colouring formula which is made with fruits and natural ingredients and is free from ammonia and peroxide, meaning it gives hair the right colour, brightness, and strength without damaging the hair, scalp, or environment. This makes it highly recommendable for people with sensitive and irritable scalps who wish to colour their hair. As the ingredients are natural, we use vanilla for blonde hair, and chocolate for darker hair.

Sounds delicious! But what if we want highlights?

Well, there is an alternative to highlighting your hair on a frequent basis which can lead to dryness. Our salon exclusive Sunlight treatment is a permanent partial lightening technique which gives your hair an immediate sun-kissed beach effect. It works by embellishing your light brown or brunette hair with luminous highlights. Our stylist will select a few strands of hair, which frame the face, and the tips and make them one to three tones lighter, recreating the natural effects of the sun. The roots are left as they are to create as much of a contrast as possible, meaning there is no unsightly 'roots effect', which requires frequent trips to the salon for retouches.

And how can you maintain the Sunlight effect?

The great thing about the Sunlight technique is that it creates a discreet and natural finish, meaning the colour is easy to wear and ages very well with time. However, you can visit your hairdresser every three to four months to prolong the result, or maintain the effect at home by using treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair, such as our Color Therapy range which includes an Intense Color Shampoo and Color enhancers to match your specific shade.

Can the Sunlight technique be used on any hair colour?

The Sunlight technique is recommended for average to dark bases. If you are brunette, it will give you brown, auburn, or even mahogany highlights. However, if you have light brown hair, your hair will have pretty copper nuances. Lighter blondes might want to consider having the Contrast technique (our own version of highlights) which is actually designed for blonde hair. But for a technique that adds relief, shine and luminosity to your locks, we highly recommend a touch of Sunlight. [su_note note_color="#ffd88a"]

Special Offer!

Visit Jean Louis David before the end of March to enjoy 20% off the Super Smooth Keratin treatment (usual price $2,500). [/su_note]
Find out more! Bored with your hair colour and looking for a new look? Or want to beat the dreaded frizz? Find out more about the Super Smooth KeratinOrganic 23 Hair Coloring, and Sunlight treatments by visiting the Jean Louis David website.    

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