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Rén and BaseHall 02 are hosting a charity bake sale to raise awareness of glioblastoma!

By Celia Lee 29 May 2023

Header image courtesy of Rén

In aid of Charity Foundation Limited (CICF), the Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign was launched earlier this May by the multi-concept food hall BaseHall 02 and the food-based social enterprise Rén. The campaign aims to not only raise public awareness of glioblastoma—a fast-growing brain tumour—but also to encourage the local government to subsidise treatment for underprivileged patients.

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Photo: Rén

The campaign features a large-scale installation at BaseHall 02, which reimagines brain scans with a display of flowers. Borrowing from the flower’s common association with feelings of hope, love, gratitude, and care, the installation transforms unfavourable scans with life and vibrancy.

Photo: Rén

Championing the motto “Food brings people together,” Rén will also be hosting a charity bake sale to raise funds for CICF during the campaign period. Collaborating with Cookie, an underprivileged baker in Hong Kong, “Baked Blooms” will be available for purchase in BaseHall 02. Also taking on a floral theme, these traditional Chinese pastries complements the floral brain scans on display and come in four flavours: sesame, matcha, red bean, and taro. These “blooms” can be bought individually and in boxes of four. 

The Brain Light (Bring Light) campaign installation and bake sale will be held at BaseHall 02 from now until 17 June.

BaseHall 02, LG/F, Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central

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Celia Lee

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in the UK, Celia is passionate about culture, food, and different happenings in the city. When she’s not busy writing, you can find her scouting for new and trendy restaurants, getting lost in a bookstore, or baking up a storm at home.