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Ask the Expert: A Manly Look at Skin Care

By brian_adams 10 September 2014

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, we sit down with Nigar Qureshi, Owner of Spa Beaute' Par Zai, to find out how to keep looking young while taming that rug on your back.</ em>

LOCALIIZ: Let’s talk about men. What do most men neglect when it comes to personal grooming? QURESHI: While men will happily spend 20 minutes or more grooming their hair, they will totally ignore their feet. However, the modern man has become more conscious of personal grooming. A pedicure should be done at least once a month.   LOCALIIZ: What classic treatment should be on every man’s maintenance list? QURESHI: Basic skincare. A facial treatment is one of the best ways to take care of your skin; especially when it’s given by an experienced and well-qualified therapist. The total process consists of exfoliation, extraction, a nourishing mask, and good home care products recommended by the therapist according to your skin type and condition. A facial treatment is recommended once a month for deep cleansing.   LOCALIIZ: What do you want to tell men to start doing while they are still young? QURESHI: A basic skincare routine should be taught to teenagers with good, reliable products (not necessarily expensive). Twice daily cleansing, weekly scrubbing, a monthly facial (if required for the removal of black/white heads), a good moisturizer suitable for skin type, and of course, general hygiene.   LOCALIIZ: You frequently work with celebrities. Any celeb beauty secrets that we can use? QURESHI: Use as much sunblock as possible. It is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Event if it’s cloudy, it keeps you hydrated.   LOCALIIZ: Finally, back hair. How should we deal with it? QURESHI: Basically, men of a different age group, sexual orientation, or ethnicity seek permanent removal of back hair, although there are clients who come for chest hair removal. The procedure is done by traditional waxing or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment.   Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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