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Your Guide to Alternative Mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival

By Jenny Leung 15 August 2019
It’s almost that time of year again, where colourful lanterns light up the streets, families gather to watch the fire dragon dance, and we get swept up in a sea of mooncakes. That’s right, we’re talking about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Like most of you, we love a good excuse to indulge in some sweet treats, especially festive ones, but the unique taste of mooncakes is not everyone’s cup of tea. That is why we’ve scoured the city and gathered together some of the most interesting alternative mooncake options to please every palate, so you don’t have to miss out on any of the delicious fun! You’re welcome.

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francfrance mooncakes 2019


Where there’s cake, there’s tea, and what better way to honour that by putting the two together? This Mid-Autumn Festival, Francfranc has partnered up with Beans Cafe and Ying Kee Tea House to present a special mooncake collection featuring Ying Kee Tea House’s signature Iron Buddha tea for rich flavours and long-lasting aroma. Wrapped in an elegant floral pattern of Francfranc’s Chinois ceramics collection, the mooncake box set comes with four mini Iron Buddha Custard Mooncakes, along with a Francfranc teakwood pick. A must-try for all tea lovers. Available for pre-order online How much: $248 per box set

Green common x Patisserie La Lune vegan custard mooncake

Green Common

If you’re looking for a healthier—yet delicious—option, Green Common is your answer. Collaborating with Patisserie La Lune, the meat-free Monday advocates have launched new line of Vegan Custard Mooncake, as well as last year’s popular Blueberry Mixed Nuts Mooncake, which will be available for pre-order at all Green Common stores in town. Made with ForaFaba butter, a deluxe vegan butter, these delicate little mooncakes contain less fat, calories, and sugar than any other traditional mooncakes, making them perfect for those who may have any dietary restrictions. Available at all Green Common stores and e-shop How much: $218–$258 per box set

Venchi Mid-Autumn Limited Edition Gift Box_b (1)


However you decide to spend this Mid-Autumn Festival, there’s nothing quite like some fine Italian chocolate to get the festivities going. Forget all you know about mooncakes and indulge in Venchi’s range of oh-so-delicious chocolate mooncakes, available in two different flavours, Earl Grey Tea and Ginger & Coconut. Presented in two unique gift box sizes, each set also comes with an assortment of decadent Venchi chocolate bites. Combining the age-old traditions of Chinese heritage with the thick, velvety goodness of Italian chocolate—we can’t think of a better to celebrate the holiday. Available at all Venchi stores in Hong Kong and Macau How much: $398–$800 per box set

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wah yee tang cake shop

Wah Yee Tang Cake Shop

If you love the taste of traditional mooncakes, but aren’t so impressed by its lacklustre appearance, then the cheeky versions produced by Wah Yee Tang Cake Shop will no doubt put a smile on your face. Whether it’s the latest internet slang, motivational phrase, or just straight-up profanity, Wah Yee Tang has got it all. “Okay, great, it’s funny and all, but what about the taste?” Well, don’t you worry about that! Having been around Hong Kong’s bakery scene since 1984, Wah Yee Tang’s mooncakes are nothing short of high-quality. Available in a range of lotus seed paste and sweet bean paste flavours, the quirky bakery’s mooncakes are guaranteed to sell out every year. Available for pre-order online How much: $38 per mooncake


Chui Lau Heung

Yes, we had to—sorry. Our list simply would not be complete without some Durian Mooncakes thrown in as an alternative, now, would it? Using only the highest quality of this wonderfully-pungent fruit from around Asia, Chui Lau Heung’s rainbow set of mooncakes are filled with 100% pure durian meat—but don’t run away just yet. Since these are actually snowy mooncakes, they are meant to be eaten cold and kept in the freezer, which means that the smell will be (relatively) contained to a bare minimum. If you were ever curious to try durian without gagging, now’s your chance. Available at all Chui Lau Heung stores How much: $180–$720 per box set

kfc mooncake


Speaking of gagging, how do you like the sound of spicy chicken, nuts, sunflower seeds, and peaches all packed into one bite? Here with its first-ever series of mooncake offerings, KFC’s Moonlight Bucket features three Spicy Chicken & Nuts Mooncakes and three Golden Lava Custard Mooncakes. It’s an unusual combination, to say the least, but it definitely caught the attentions of our curious palates! With built-in LED lights along with good ol’ Colonel Sanders dressed in a spacesuit, the actual bucket itself also moonlights as a lantern that you can reuse for evening festivities, too. Available at all KFC locations in Hong Kong How much: $275 per bucket

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old bailey shanghai mooncake

Old Bailey 

Joining in on the festivities this year, Old Bailey is taking things back in time. Each one handmade by Old Bailey’s Executive Chef, Wong Kwan Man, the authentic Shanghai-style mooncakes are created with a crisp and buttery shortcrust pastry. Choose from two delectable flavours—those with a sweet tooth will adore the Red Bean Paste Mooncake, while others who prefer a savoury treat can sink their teeth into a Shanghainese Mooncake filled with ground pork, shallot, ginger, soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and white pepper powder. Available for pre-order online, email, or by calling (+852) 2877 8711 How much: $238 per box set

TwoThirdDolci Gelato Mooncake

⅔ Dolci 

Famed for its exquisite artisanal gelato, ⅔ Dolci is here to celebrate the holiday with a collection of gelato mooncakes in six mouth-watering flavours. Encrusted in 64% Belgian dark chocolate, customers can take their pick from six gelato fillings including Pistachio, Earl Grey Tea, Salted Caramel, Gourmet Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, all packed in a gorgeous golden box with festive printings of the Jade Rabbit and flowers. For every box of gelato mooncake purchased, you can even receive a free single-scoop gelato voucher and a $50 Cafe Deco Group dining voucher too! Available at selected Cafe Deco Group restaurants How much: $328 per box set

john anthony mooncake 2019

John Anthony x The Cakery

Spice up your evening this Mid-Autumn Festival with John Anthony’s range of artisanal mooncakes in collaboration with healthy and sustainable bakery brand, The Cakery. Challenging themselves to reinvent traditional mooncakes while retaining its authentic spirit, there are four innovative flavours to choose from. Inspired by spices traditionally used in Chinese cuisine, John Anthony’s Executive Chef, Saito Chau, created the Dark Chocolate & Sichuan Chilli Pepper Mooncake, which perfectly fuses together the sweet and bitterness of dark chocolate with the kick of Chinese spices. The other three flavours by The Cakery—Black & White Sesame, Rose & Mixed Berries and Mango, Ginger & Tumeric—are all 100% vegan and free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, preservatives, and artificial colouring. Available at John Anthony and The Cakery retail stores How much: $88 per mooncake, $398 per box set
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