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All you need to know about UK Expat Pension Reviews

By Sponsored content 23 September 2019
British expats in Hong Kong and Asia, especially those who have lived abroad for an extended period of time, may find it difficult to keep track of their old UK pension schemes  they have left in the UK. What is the best way to stay active and informed about your pension schemes and ensure that you will retire happily with an adequate pension retirement pot? This is where UK Expat Pension Reviews steps in.

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What’s the issue?

In the last five years, with the rapid transition of financial services going digital, there has been a vast reduction in the number of wealth managers and pensions specialist’s in Asia. Consequently, clients who require pension advice assistance are having fewer face-to-face review sessions with those managing their pensions and portfolios. As a result, clients suffer financially, due to insufficient investment fund alerts and updates. It’s even more arduous for expats in Hong Kong, who are unsure of how they should use their old pension left in their home countries. Some British expats, for instance, have transferred their UK pensions already, while some others are still looking for how to best manage the funds within their UK pensions.
UK Expat Pension Reviews

How do we tackle this issue?

In light of this changing landscape, UK Expat Pension Reviews was founded to help British expatriates gain better insight into their pension funds and investment portfolios. One important service offered is to evaluate whether it is worthwhile to change investment tactics to focus on better-performing funds after a successful pension transfer. Now you may ask, “Why the need for a pension review?” Reviewing your pension funds regularly is essential; should there be a shortfall, the need for immediate action is obvious and necessary. On the contrary, if your retirement savings are broadly on track, you can still take further steps to achieve the income you want to have when you retire. To put it simply, the right decision on pension transfer makes all the difference between retiring happily with a great pension pot and retiring with an under-valued pension pot, leading to a lower standard of living.

Individualised and tailored service

Because every clients’ circumstances differ, UK Expat Pension Reviews offers individual advice that is tailored to each client. They are committed to helping you manage your pension in a way that is best for you and your retirement plans. Aside from UK pensions, they also help with QROPs, SIPPs, regular contribution savings plans, and lump sum investment bonds bundled in insurance wrappers—guaranteed to keep your portfolio of funds and retirement plans at optimal performance. UK Expat Pension Reviews

Detailed explanation of options

Is everything sounding a little bit too complicated and littered with buzzwords? We think so too. Luckily, UK Expat Pension Reviews prioritises your understanding above all, and take the time to explain your options in plain English without the typical pension jargons. The goal is to help you find your way through the maze of pension rules, and shed light on what you can and cannot do. A typical application goes like this: first, an online pension review is scheduled, where UK Expat Pension Reviews demonstrates to you the performance of your current investments. You can access and review this with your adviser using their online review software. Second, they will give a live demonstration to show how your portfolio would have performed against an existing investment fund or pre-selected chosen performing portfolio over the previous 12 months.

Stay active about your pension retirement funds

To help you grow ready for your retirement, it is important that you remain alert about the ups and downs affecting your pension funds. UK Expat Pension Reviews allows you to stay on top of your investments through various means, ranging from a monthly email detailing the valuation amount of your investment portfolio and a smartphone app for around-the-clock reports on performances, to regular educational emails and scheduled portfolio reviews every six to 12 months with your account manager. Lastly, they offer state-of-the-art software to ensure any investment fund switches, transfers, and paperwork are automatically completed and ready for the client’s signature. For more information or book an appointment, contact UK Expat Pension Reviews at (+ 6011) 2684 0540 UK Expat Pension Reviews, Level 16, Pavilion Tower, Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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