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6 extreme sports all daredevils in Hong Kong should try at least once

By Sarah Moran 29 November 2018 | Last Updated 31 January 2024

Header image courtesy of Marcos Moraes (via Unsplash)

Originally published by Sarah Moran. Last updated by Lily Valette.

Calling all daredevils! As Hongkongers continue to seek new ways to de-stress over the weekend, extreme sports have been gaining rapid popularity. While you may be tempted to hop on a plane for a weekend adventure to find your next adrenaline rush, extreme sports are all around us in Hong Kong—if you know where to look. Here’s our pick of the best and most thrilling extreme sports to try in the 852—at least once, anyway.

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Photo: Marcos Moraes (via Unsplash)

Dirt biking

Do you feel the need for speed? Put your foot down for a dirt-biking adventure in the rural parts of Hong Kong. This sport involves riding a specially designed gas-powered bike over mountains and hills. Several variations of the dirt bike exist for various purposes, but they are typically built to be lightweight, powerful, fast, and nimble. You can rent a bike from Mx Club, or head to one of their training sessions. Ride on!

Mx Club, Cheung Lek Village, Tong Kung Leng, Sheung Shui | (+852) 9711 8003

Photo: Kyle Mills (via Unsplash)

Outdoor rock climbing

Skip the weekend hike for a rock-climbing expedition in the mountains. Rock climbing has grown in popularity in Hong Kong as our city’s many granite and volcanic outcrops make it a great place to reach new heights for both body and mind. Tung Lung Chau has climbs suitable for beginners and experts, making it the most popular climbing spot in Hong Kong, with Beacon Hill a close second. Chung Hom Kok, Lion Rock, and Kowloon Peak are also very popular. We suggest going with friends or enrolling in a course with Rock Climbing Hong Kong if you’re a beginner.

Photo: Ninja Force

Hardcore obstacle course

With 18,000 square feet of space and three courses in Kam Tin, Ninja Force is innovating extreme fitness in Hong Kong. The courses vary in difficulty levels—but be warned, it’s not your everyday workout. Expect hardcore and adrenaline-pumping strength, balance, and agility training. Each session at Ninja Force is different, but they all guarantee a fun time, and an intense post-workout burn.

Ninja Force, Shui Mei Tsuen, Kam Tin | (+852) 5720 9932

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Photo: New World Harbour Race

Cross-harbour swimming

First held in 1906, the New World Harbour Race is one of Hong Kong’s most celebrated events, attracting thousands of international competitors, recreational swimmers, and spectators. Amid the rapid development of Hong Kong, the endurance swimming race took a break from 1978 to 2010 due to fears over rising pollution levels in the city’s water, but it resumed in 2017, with each year becoming more popular than the last. The event sees athletes dive into Victoria Harbour and swim against picturesque backdrops of Hong Kong’s iconic mountain and skyscraper view.

Hong Kong China Swimming Association, Unit L, 9/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong | (+852) 2572 8594 | (+852) 2572 8524

Photo: KaLisa Veer (via Unsplash)


Wakeboarding, which involves riding a wakeboard over a water surface, is a thrilling sport developed from combining water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing techniques. Many junk-boat packages offer wakeboarding for an extra fee, but if you’re not ready to venture out on your own, then having lessons with Wakeboard Hong Kong will get you up to speed in no time (literally). If the wind gods are gracious, you may even get some serious soaring-in-the-air action as you skim the water. Find more board-sports options here.

Wakeboard Hong Kong, Tai Tam Tuk Village, Tai Tam | (+852) 9454 5722

Photo: Daoud Abismail (via Unsplash)


Developed from military obstacle-course training, parkour involves running through your environment as you jump, dodge, and climb past obstacles at ninja-like speed. This adrenaline-pumping sport encourages participants to experience their surroundings in a totally new way and navigate it in the fastest way possible. Learn the basics, and the whole city is one giant obstacle course. While we should warn you that jumping from one skyscraper to another is not a good idea, there are plenty of other obstacle challenges around Hong Kong. Join the Hong Kong Parkour Association’s weekly training sessions to meet like-minded parkour lovers.

Hong Kong Parkour Association, B09, Wang Fai Industrial Building, 29 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong

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