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5 Reasons Why Autumn/Winter Is the Best Time to Date in Hong Kong

By Sponsored content 31 October 2018
Summer dreams, ripped at the seams? Don’t fret, because autumn and winter are the best times to find a date in Hong Kong. Our friends at The Inner Circle, explain why...

1. Don’t Be Scared

The chance to dress up for a Halloween party is a great time to flirt, and chatting about the costume you’re wearing is always a handy ice breaker. Being told you look like death could actually be a compliment! Equally, while it might not be the obvious first date, heading to a Halloween party in couples’ fancy dress is an easy way to avoid awkward silences.

2. Pull a Cracker

With all the restaurants decked out in holiday festivities and special Christmas dishes on the menus, it makes any date a little more romantic. Also, the influx of Christmas parties is the perfect excuse to head out for the night and meet up with new friends after. If you're looking for new events to head to, The Inner Circle offers a series of singles' mixers throughout the year.

3. Netflix Without the Chill

When the cold weather really hits Hong Kong in January and February, most apartments are little prepared for the chill. What better way to keep warm, than to share a little body heat by cuddling up on the sofa with your new flame?

4. The Gift of Giving

Everyone loves to get presents, and though you won’t want to go over the top, a small, thoughtful purchase can go a long way to showing how you feel for your new partner. And if you get a nice gift in return, you know you’re both on the same page. Of course, the best gift of all is finding your match, and The Inner Circle provides a more refined dating experience, to ensure you connect with people like you.

5. Start Out on the Right Foot

With the high humidity a distant memory and the sun still shining, it’s the perfect weather to get out and about. This makes for an opportunity to arrange a date that isn’t restricted to the aircon. If you’re feeling extra healthy, you could try an easy hike to give you some bonding time.

There’s an App for That…

Inner Circle has created a vibrant community of singles to make dating exciting, empowering and real. Its social dating experience sees users discovering shared values and mutual interests, and means you’re not left swiping aimlessly. It also offers a series of monthly events and the option to share your favourite places and travel plans on your profile. To try it for yourself, Register for free.
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