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Get 3 months of unlimited money transfers!

By Promotions 4 February 2020

CurrencyFair gives customers access to the exchange rates and service usually reserved for banks and brokers while cutting out the hidden fees and charges on money transfers. With a big mission–to offer currency exchange without compromise, CurrencryFair beats out traditional money transfer providers who charge their customers more than they should, for a service that is less than it could be.

Customers get fast, secure money transfers, world-class customer support, and access to a unique peer-to-peer payments platform. The reason why CurrencyFair is so much cheaper than banks and other money transfer companies is that they can match users who are looking for the fairest rate in their peer-to-peer marketplace. Plus, CurrencyFair is a licensed Money Service Operator in Hong Kong, so their customer’s money is always secure.

New CurrencyFair customers who sign up today can get three months of unlimited free transfers and start saving on money transfers from Hong Kong!*

*Terms and conditions apply. See here for full details.


CurrencyFair is one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer foreign exchange and money transfer services. Visit their website or download the app for iOS or Android.