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29 Jun - 20 Sep

Xiaolong Bao Series at Dim Sum Library

By Localiiz 22 June 2020

Event Information

START DATE 29 Jun 2020
END DATE 20 Sep 2020
Shop 124, Level 1 Pacific Place, Admiralty
Shop 1028B, Water, Elements, 1 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

Known for its refreshing evolution of the time-honored Cantonese tradition of dim sum, Aqua Restaurant Group has opened its second Dim Sum Library location, in Elements Mall, Tsim Sha Tsui with an all-new culinary experience – four new xiaolong bao flavours. 

Paying homage to the origins of Sichuan cuisine, the Hot & Sour Xiaolong Bao is created using Dim Sum Library’s house-made Sichuan paste along with handfuls of fresh chilli and aged vinegar which is added to the traditional minced pork filling. The Bak Kut Teh Xiaolong Bao is inspired by Aqua Restaurant Group’s founder David Yeo’s Singaporean heritage and his very own family recipe. Bak kut teh - meaning “meat bone tea” - is a famous herbal soup recognised for its warming properties. For the Kombu & Bonito Xiaolong Bao creation, Dim Sum Library chefs worked with sister Japanese restaurant Shiro to learn how to make the most authentic and traditional soup base. The dashi is then infused with shoyu (Japanese soy sauce) and sake – Japan’s national beverage to create a sumptuous soup which compliments the juicy pork filling to deliver a balanced palate of umami flavours. Celebrating Cantonese cuisine, the Beef Brisket Xiaolong Bao is based on the popular local dish of Beef brisket in clear broth. This Chinese soup is simmered for over eight hours and added to a unique meat filling of ground rump steak and minced pork. 

The four new members of the xiaolongbao family are available alongside the original Dan Dan Xiaolong Bao from the 29th June until the 20th September 2020, priced at $72 for a basket of three, at Dim Sum Library in both Pacific Place and Elements. Each bao is meticulously prepared and made fresh each morning, which is why each single flavour is served one week at a time. Real fans will have to dine four times to experience all the flavours!

 Advanced issue found

Kombu & bonito xiaolong bao

§ 29th June – 5th July

§ 27th July – 2nd August

§ 24th – 30th August

Beef brisket xiaolong bao

§ 6th – 12nd July

§ 3rd – 9th August

§ 31st August – 6th September

Bak kut teh xiaolong bao

§ 13th – 19th July

§ 10th – 16th August

§ 7th – 13th September

Hot & sour xiaolong bao

§ 20th – 26th July

§ 17th – 23rd August

§ 14th – 20th September


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