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27 Sep - 24 Oct

Nan Fung Group presents: “Playing Woodstock: Hong Kong Woodwork”

By Localiiz 30 September 2021

Event Information

START DATE 27 Sep 2021
END DATE 24 Oct 2021
TKO Plaza, 1 Tong Tak Street, Tseung Kwan O

Nan Fung Group launches the sixth episode of their “In Time Of” community initiative at TKO Plaza, inviting the public to learn about the Hong Kong woodworking industry through fun and play at a unique exhibition entitled “Playing Woodstock: Hong Kong Woodwork.”

Curated together with Roy Ng Ting Ho, a local woodworker and director of Fabricators, the exhibition is divided into three zones and features 11 interactive woodworks under different themes. The Challenge Zone introduces visitors to the local woodworking industry and the challenges faced by its workers through interactive exhibits like puzzles and a pinball installation. In the Imagination Zone, visitors are invited to reflect on their relationship with trees and explore the possibilities of reinventing wooden materials through a series of small-scale upcycling exhibits. Lastly, the Open Zone explores the balance between work and art, featuring playful furniture installations that display the cultural diversity of local woodwork.

During the exhibition period, there will also be four workshops hosted by different wood-crafting groups, including the “Trojan Horse Keychain Workshop,” the “Pull Back Wooden Chariot Workshop,” the “Sound of Tree (Bird Call) Workshop,” and the “Upcycled Wooden Light Box Workshop.” While experiencing the fun of creating different kinds of woodworks, workshop participants can also learn more about local tree species during the workshops via the Coutou Woodworking Studio’s working table made from a variety of Hong Kong trees.

Click here to find out more about “In Time Of” and “Playing Woodstock: Hong Kong Woodwork.”


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