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04 Feb - 28 Feb

Citywalk presents: “Tomica 50th Anniversary Gala”

By Localiiz 5 February 2021

Event Information

START DATE 04 Feb 2021
END DATE 28 Feb 2021
Event Hall, Citywalk, 1 & 18 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan
(+852) 3926 5700

The miniature motor cars of Tomica have drawn a cult following spanning all ages, with groupies flocking to the “Tomica Expo” in Japan every year. On the occasion of the modeller’s fiftieth anniversary, Citywalk presents the “Tomica 50th Anniversary Gala,” just in time for a Lunar New Year celebration. The event will delight all car enthusiasts with a massive diorama, Insta-worthy New Year installations, and a vintage Tomica exhibition.

From 30 January to 28 February, local fans can celebrate the toy car virtuoso on home turf. Apart from festive installations, a massive Japanese-style diorama will sprout up at the mall for joyous New Year snaps. Meanwhile, a vintage Tomica exhibition unravels the brand’s 50 years of storied history. To the delight of fans, three brand-new Tomica event cars will stage an exclusive debut at the pop-up store, together with a coveted line-up of exclusive fiftieth-anniversary models!

To ramp up the New Year celebration, S+ Rewards members can also redeem a set of eight “Tomica 50th Anniversary Gala” red packets, which open up to reveal a miniature Japanese scene pop-up with lovely props of maneki-neko (the fortune cat), takoyaki (the “octopus ball”), Tomica mascot “T Kun,” and a hot spring—perfect for your own Tomica diorama as well as New Year home décor. The deluxe red packet set comes with a complimentary Tomica toy car to delight all fans.


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