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08 Oct - 08 Oct

Upcoming Showcase Applications for Twinkle Dance Company...Stay Tuned!

By Localiiz 8 October 2019

Working away like busy bees, they are gearing up for the biggest event of the year...Twinkle Dance Showcase 2020! Stay tuned, as their applications will be coming out very soon!  In the meantime, check out our fantastic photo album from last year’s Sleeping Beauty Showcase. From backstage rehearsal candids to pristine stage performance photos, you can see the immense detail, safety, and care they put into producing such a successful show, but even more importantly a memorable dance experience for all their Twinkle Dance students. Their showcases get bigger and better every year, as they invite guest performers and hosts to take part too! They’ve got some new performance surprises and tricks up our sleeves this year, it’s going to be magically dance-tastic! So stay tuned, as they will be handing out showcase applications this term!


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