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02 Jul - 25 Oct

Twisted & Tangled: Art Supermarket

By Localiiz 2 July 2020

Event Information

START DATE 02 Jul 2020
END DATE 25 Oct 2020
1/F Asiarich Court, 5 Staunton Street, Soho

In the exhibition Twisted & Tangled, Eric Niebuhr gathers his inspiration from everyday scenes across Hong Kong streets. Twisted & Tangled showcases a selection of his latest works and the behind-the-scenes painted studies. The artist plays between the line of figurative and abstract form. It challenges with a familiar sense of perception but leaves indefinite readings in the viewers’ mind.

The subject matter used in Eric Niebuhr’s paintings – which are based on gouache and computer-aided studies of photo-based and digital sources – can be traced back to the artist’s primary source of inspiration. He uses acrylic with a combination of mediums to create puddled areas of paint, amorphous passages, and flat shapes. The abstract qualities that the source and the paint material offer, introduce viewers to a world of unpredictability and create a visual entanglement – twisted & tangled.


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