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10 Nov - 09 Mar

TIME WILL TELL: presented by anothermountainman x Stanley Wong

By Localiiz 6 February 2020

Event Information

START DATE 10 Nov 2019
END DATE 09 Mar 2020
Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1/F Thematic Galleries 1 & 2, Function Place & 1/F Corridor

This exhibition is a presentation on process, building and preserving, and precipitating. It is not an exhibition to display accomplishments.

Changed from a solo exhibition to a two-man show, "TIME WILL TELL" walks you through visual communicator Stanley Wong's (anothermountainman) metamorphosis from commercial work to personal creations, his promotion of well-being and social values, and the discovery of his two distinctive faces — Stanley Wong and anothermountainman.

The exhibition is divided into three parts — black, white and grey — showcasing anothermountainman's personal creations, including his "Positive Hong Kong" redwhiteblue series, created over the past two decades; Stanley Wong's graphic design and advertising works, such as his renowned early 1990s MTR advertisements series, and his corporate social value branding projects. Also shown to the public for the first time are a series of his large photographic works and his latest photo diary: Time Will Tell: 80/20 Enlightenment. Forty years. The exhibition starts with his latest work From Dust to Dust / 302 Days and concludes with the installation Impermanence, inviting visitors to mindfully revisit Stanley Wong x anothermountainman's 40 years of work and practice, savouring the impermanence of life together.


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