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27 Jan - 27 Jan

The Green Earth Night Walk 2024

By Localiiz 23 January 2024

Event Information

START DATE 27 Jan 2024
END DATE 27 Jan 2024
Tai Mo Shan

Header image courtesy of The Green Earth

Walk for a good cause! In a bid to reduce waste and improve carbon neutrality in Hong Kong, local charity The Green Earth is hosting a night walk on Tai Mo Shan on 27 January. Walking towards the top of Hong Kong’s highest peak, you’ll be accompanied by stargazing guide, entertained by light-painting photographers, and take home memories thanks to photo set-ups along the way. After the walk, all participants have the opportunity to share a vegetarian meal together. With all funds going towards The Green Earth’s initiatives, you’ll be contributing towards a greener, more sustainable Hong Kong. Sign up now.


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