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04 Jun - 04 Jul

Douce d'Ivry: The Apartment

By Localiiz 8 June 2020

Event Information

START DATE 04 Jun 2020
END DATE 04 Jul 2020

Douce met Lotus a young teacher based in Guangzhou a few years ago and was fascinated by her unusual beauty and youthful curiosity. Lotus quickly became the muse of the photographer. They met regularly between Hong Kong and Guangzhou for photographic sessions, a mix between fashion shoots and documentary.

In this photographic project The Apartment, showing intimate pictures of Lotus in her apartment and street views, Douce wanted to share the ambiguity between past and present of those cities combining pop and colourful mise en scene in sets frozen in the past. Most of these photographs were taken with a film camera and are minimally edited to keep their authenticity.


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