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01 Jun - 01 Sep


By Sarah Moran 10 May 2019

Event Information

START DATE 01 Jun 2019
END DATE 01 Sep 2019
10 Hollywood Road, Central Hong Kong Hong Kong
As one of the most influential artists in the world, Takashi Murakami is bringing over 60 of his most iconic works to Hong Kong at the exciting, large-scale exhibition, "MURAKAMI vs MURAKAMI". Held at Tai Kwun from June 1 to September 1, the three-month exhibition will also feature educational events such as guided tours, workshops, anime and film screenings, as well as a public discussion with the legendary artist himself. Famous for his quirky, off-kilter art pieces that appeal to both fine art and street art fans, Murakami's resume even goes beyond the realms of art to doing collaborations in the world of fashion, cosplay, graffiti, and recently designing a music video for pop artist, Billie Eilish. If you're a fan of the eccentric artist or just love quirky art that guarantees to put a smile on your face, then don't miss out this unique opportunity and your tickets now!  

Sarah Moran

Staff writer

Born and raised in Hong Kong to expat parents, Sarah grew up as your typical third-culture kid, caught between two worlds. As someone who is nosy (or just curious) and loves the written word, there was never any other career that appealed to her as much as journalism. When she’s not busy on her mission to find the line between not enough coffee and too much coffee, you can find her exploring the city or getting stuck in a good book.