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24 Aug - 12 Dec

Self Stretching movement 'Move for Life' group classes

By Localiiz 20 August 2019

Event Information

START DATE 24 Aug 2019
END DATE 12 Dec 2019
Room C5, 2/F, Block C, Paterson Building, 37 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay Hong Kong Hong Kong

This series of stretching group class brought to you by Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre is highly recommended for those who suffer from constipation, shoulder or back stiffness and muscle aches from sports. It can also help those looking to improve their flexibility, digestion, sleep quality and recovery time after injury or sickness - amongst many others! Shine Body & Soul Healing Centre also offer other classes and specialise in Reiki - to find out more on class schedules or to reserve your spot, click on the link below!


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